Introduction to ColdFusion
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"Very informative, thank you"
- Myriam Schinazi

"Presentation was great!"
- Bella Kazantseva

"For only 2 hours I learned a lot. It definately increased my interest to learn CF"
- Brenda Balana

"Very informative for an introduction class!"
-Sherri Walker

"Very informative, easy to understand class"
- Isabel Bernardo

"Excellent presentation! And the class handout appears to be power packed. Will study it carefully. Thank you for keeping the introductory price affordable. Will be back for more expensive training when my company begins generating more $$"
- Bud Stolker

"Very good intro class"
- Edward McDowell

"Hey Michael Smith:
Thank you for an enjoyable and informative Saturday morning. I was surprised I didn't win one of the great door prizes as I am a lucky person, but maybe my prize was meeting you on the way into the conference. It is people like you who are excited and willing to share their information and enthusiasm for their subject that keep the world going round, (instead of bumping into in sharp corners....). It is an exciting time to be alive, with all the changes going on, and you and your business are helping by making the changes easier and fun. The community does make the difference. Thank you for sharing. Many compliments to the staff and speakers."
- Sara

"Thank you for the CF101 seminar. I really enjoyed it. I am a beginner at Cold Fusion and I got a lot of resources from the seminar. I am also interested in the MD Cold Fusion Users Group. I hope to attend soon. Thanks again."
- Glen


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