CFDEV CF Conference and Cruise

May 4th - 11th, 2003

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Cruise?? Yes, this is a ColdFusion Cruise to the Caribbean, departing from Tampa, complete with an official Macromedia User Group event on Tuesday evening when the boat departs from St. Thomas and heads for San Juan.

Keynote Speakers

Rob Thrasher Rob is a time-tested, proven 'Success Strategist.' Strengths include: Marketing & Public Relations, Sales, Creative, Technology and Security. He speaks at NYU and is the author of many nationally published articles. Topics typically focus on generating more revenue and higher margin by more effectively leveraging technology for business, politics and more.
Thomas Anderson Thomas holds a MBA in 'Business Psychology' and is a self-motivated individual with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in business management, training and organizational development. His background is an effective agglomeration of a solid education, vast experience, and a strongly determined spirit that ensures success for him and his clients.

Thomas possesses over 22 years in the Business Training Industry that includes experience training business owners and managers to improve business operations, increase revenue and master cash-flow. He has a sharp financial acumen empowering him with the ability to streamline every facet of your company pertinent to your financial strength. Steve has implemented successful turnaround efforts for 'for-profit' and 'non-profit' entities.

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