CFDEV CF Conference and Cruise

May 4th - 11th, 2003

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Tentative Seminar List

Note: this listing is subject to frequent change within the next couple of weeks as we finalize our speakers, it will also have several more classes.
  • ColdFusion for J2EE developers - leverage CFML for presentation logic
  • Complete ColdFusion Scalibility - load balancing (hardware/software), content distrobution, best practices
  • Inside ColdFusion MX, ColdFusion 6 - learn the many many new features to be introduced in ColdFusion MX
  • Advanced Database Design - design robust and scaleable databases, learn to build Entity Relationship diagrams, normalizing relations, and much more.
  • Java for CF Developers - a discussion of Object Oriented programming and Java designed specifically for ColdFusion Developers
  • SQL Server on Steroids - learn how to get the most out of SQL Server, use its many unknown features
  • Nested Set Model - learn about a efficient database design for implementing trees
  • Complex Caching Stratigies - learn about ways to cache that are not directly built into CF
  • ColdFusion on Linux - hear the war stories of deploying CF on linux
  • Regular Expressions once and for all - become the office regexpert
  • ColdFusion and XML - Learn about dealing with CF and XML using WebServices, parsers, xsl, and latest xml trends
  • Flash/Generator and ColdFusion - learn to integrate flash and cold fusion
  • Java and ColdFusion MX, CF6 - Learn how you can use Java to write better code for ColdFusion MX
  • Advanced development techniques using ColdFusion, JavaScript, and DHTML - put it all together
  • Using WDDX/XML to homogenize content
  • Large, Secure, and Available Fusebox Applications - from the fusebox masters, and creators
  • J2EE for CF Developers - bring cf developers up to speed on the latest Java 2 Enterprise Edition specs, products, and technologies
  • Building CFX tags in Java - learn how to build CFX tags in Java
  • Code management with SiteSpring - learn all about Macromedia SiteSpring
  • qForms - learn how to make form development rapid
  • ActivEdit unleashed - learn deployment tips and tricks from the developers of ActivEdit.

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