Date: Saturday, November 4th, 2000
Location: Dave and Busters in Whiteflint Mall-3rd floor, Bethesda, MD

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Speaker Bios

Matt Liotta
Matt Liotta
Matt Liotta is the Manager of Systems Architecture and Operations for TeamToolz and has six years of development experience. Matt single-handedly built a code distribution system for Consumer Financial Networks.

Thanks to Matt Emory University weathered Y2k using a tracking application that he designed and implemented. He also created an enterprise calendaring system, an electronic research administration system, and built the faculty poster project for the school. He was the architect of a transaction processing system for time data for Cignify's payroll solution and created an account management system for Grizzard. Most recently, Matt consulted around the valley doing application architecture for Williams Sonoma, Yipes Communications, and gMoney.

Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson is the CTO of Zero-G Commerce, Inc. He has been a member of Team Allaire since '97, and is also the Chairman of the Fusebox Organization which has attempted to create a standard "Open CF application architecture".

Steve has recently created an almost complete testing tool for finding bugs in your ColdFusion applications. Be sure to ask him to buy you a beer and he'll tell you about the tool. Or buy him a beer and he'll answer any CF question you have.

Doug Nottage
Doug Nottage
Douglas Nottage, Director of Advanced Technology, brings years of experience in various aspects of information technology to Nottage is responsible for predicting technology trends and establishing the direction the Company should take in relation to technical implementation and product offerings. Currently, Nottage's efforts are aimed at launching's wireless strategy, which began with On the Road for Palm/Windows CE devices in March 2000.

Nottage joined in 1996 as the Company's first in-house web developer. He helped architect the system that supported 1900% traffic spikes during the 1997 and 1998 SuperBowls and is frequently a public speaker on issues of e-commerce and scalability (Internet World 1999, Information Week, Infoworld, Compaq Innovate 1999, Web 1998). He has also been named as a key inventor of several of's business model and technology patents including the Dealer Real-Time extranet, 3D Virtual Showroom and recently announced On the Road wireless automotive portal.

Previously Nottage taught web development at the University of California, Irvine.Nottage has an MBA, as well as a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine, with a specialization in Econometric Modeling.

Robi Sen
Robi Sen
Robi Sen is the Chief Information Officer and Vice President of Software Development at Granularity, Inc. Mr. Sen has been working professionally in the software development world for the last 13 years since he was recruited at the age of 16 to develop software systems for Westinghouse Hanford Co and the Defense Department. He worked for Westinghouse and various government programs on and off for 5 years.

Mr. Sen's chief areas of interest are in the creation of a new breed of network-based applicationsand the development of "Intelligent Agents" or software systems which can interact with humans and other machines in a "thoughtful manner" making context appropriate decisions for their user without having to receive instructions from their user. He has spoken widely on these topics and has most recently presented a series of classes to the American Management Association entitled Electronic Commerce. He is also currently working on a book with G. Hussain Chinoy for Morgan Kaufmann Publishers entitled "XML/EDI: The Future of Electronic Commerce" as well as finishing a book on Allaire's ColdFusion called Developing ColdFusion Applications.

Jeff Tapper
Jeff Tapper is the Lead Application Architect for G. Triad Development Corporation, where he also serves as the Head of the Allaire Technologies Platform. Jeff has worked on high traffic web sites for clients including Toys R Us, IBM, Allaire, Dow Jones and Allied Office Supplies.

Jeff has been a member of the ColdFusion development community since 1995, and has worked for G. Triad since 1998.

Jeff is also known as a theatrical lighting designer and home brewer.

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