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Upcoming Book Releases
The events ends with Judith Dinowitz's CF Book party and the official release of Steve Nelson and Craig Girard's Fusebox methodology book. Get your copy signed or just buy the authors a beer!

There will also be books prizing, including over 25 Ben Forta books that we are giving away!

New CF books:
Author(s) Title
Steve Nelson and Craig Girard 'Fusebox Methodology and Techniques - ColdFusion Edition'
Rob Brooks-Bilson 'Programming ColdFusion'
David Dikel, David Kane and James R. Wilson 'Software Architecture - Organizational Principles and Patterns'
Ashley King, Ray Camden and David Aden 'Spectra e-business construction kit'
T.C. Bradley, III 'ColdFusion Fast&Easy Web Development'
Sven Slazenger 'Webdevelopment mit ColdFusion 4.5' in German

Fusebox Book Release @ CF_Underground
Judith Dinowitz 11/1/00

Now Available, in Print and Electronic Form:

Fusebox: Methodology and Techniques (ColdFusion Edition)
A Fusion Authority Book
by Steve Nelson and Craig Girard
With Nat Papovich
Foreword and Additional Materials by Hal Helms

AllaireT ColdFusion® is a major web development language, known for its ease
of use and fast development time. Now, the dedicated ColdFusion developer
can shorten that time even more, with the tips and techniques of the Fusebox
methodology. Tested and developed by over 200 ColdFusion developers, this
systematic method to building applications can help bring you to a new level
of web development.

Written by Steve Nelson, one of the originators of the Fusebox methodology,
and Craig Girard, a major Fusebox programmer, this book examines all aspects
of the Fusebox process. Includes issues of creating specs for your
applications, directory structure, file naming conventions, and tips and
tricks to add speed (and efficiency) to your development process.
Inside Highlights

*The Ten Key Skills That Make a Five Day Fusebox Developer (FD2)
* An Introduction to fUseML
* An Overview of the Fusedoc (by Hal Helms)

Excerpt from Hal Helms' Foreword: "Steve Nelson and his co-author, Craig
Girard, have taken a systematic approach to Fusebox that will make it
accessible to anyone interested in learning. It is written in plain English
and it is aimed squarely at developers working in the real world. If you
have wished for a way to make your own development simpler, surer and more
successful, you have come to the right source."

224 pages, paperback, $29.95 plus shipping and sales tax
Copyright Fusion Authority, Inc.
Produced by JM Publishers, Inc.
E-book version $7.00

Take Advantage of Our Early Bird Special:
Pre-order the ebook and the print book, as a package, and get a savings of
20% off the regular package price of $36.95! That's $29.95, the price you'd
normally pay for the print book alone.
Or: Preorder the print book and get a 15% discount, at the low price of
(Plus NY Sales Tax and Shipping where applicable)

To order the book, go to
Don't miss out on this great deal which ends November 5, at the special
release of the Fusebox book at CF_Underground

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