Spread the word on CF Underground 4

Please help us spread the word on the CF Underground 4 Conf by using one of the methods below. Thanks!


Please pass the conf URL http://www.cfconf.org/cf_underground4/ onto your CF programming friends, so they can register too. If you like cut, paste and edit the message below. Thanks :-)


Also if you have a website, and can put a banner link to the conference, that would be extra cool! Banner is located at:

CF Underground 4
And to save you time here is some HTML to link with:


A flier is also available for you to download and handout. The flier is located at:

Image link

Or for more conservative sites we have a small link graphic:

CF Underground 4 Conf 10/27/02

To save you time here is some HTML to link with:

Thanks for your help in making this autumn's CF Underground Conf the coolest yet!
- Michael Smith,
TeraTech http://www.teratech.com/
MDCFUG http://www.cfug-md.org/

PS If you do put a link on your site to the conf please tell me at [email protected] so we can give you a link back. :-)

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