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Macromedia MAX 2003

Fifth CF Underground Event
November 17, 2003  10:00am - 5:00pm
Squatters Pub Brewery
147 West Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah



Michael Smith

"How to become a Guru Coder."

What makes a smart coder? Is it brains or communications skills?
Does commenting matter to real programmers?
What tips can you learn to become a true programming guru?

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Simon Horwith

"Leveraging your CF tools - CFCs, UDFs, objects and more"

There's a Time and a Place for Everything. The ColdFusion Application Server's underlying architecture has undergone radical changes over the past 8 years - none more radical than the recent shift to an underlying J2EE architecture. These changes continue to expose new development tools and techniques to ColdFusion developers. One of the keys to building a solid application architecture is knowing what tools are right for which jobs. In this session, Simon will explore choosing proper uses of custom tags, UDFs, CFCs, includes, third party objects, and more.

Matt Liotta

"Dogma and Change"

More so than almost any pair of words, dogma and change, affect your life as a programmer. This talk will show how these words affect your life in subtle and overt ways, how they are closely tied together, and how understanding their role can lead to success. No, Matt hasn't been replaced with an inspirational speaker; this is a practical discussion about important non-technical issues that have everything do with us as technology professionals.

Neil Ross "ColdFusion Performance: What you need to know about testing for performance and scalability."

If there's one thing that can hurt the bottom line is an investment made in an application that doesn't perform well as the stress on the application increases. Whether you've invested money or time in an application like that, here are a few things that you need to know to help squeeze better performance out of your ColdFusion application.

Philipp Cielen "Who needs a rich internet?"

This session will cover the usage of Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Why and when they can help you improve your web applications and in what situations you should better not use them. Using real-life examples of successful implementations and failed projects you will learn how to do it right, what obstacles to avoid and how to keep your applications small, fast and secure.

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Shlomy Gantz "Whoops! Blunders and Mistakes of ColdFusion developers"

In the past 2 years Shlomy Gantz has been reviewing ColdFusion applications and sites for various companies. Hear about some of those mega-blunders and mistakes and how to avoid them.

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