February 3rd, 2001
The Renaissance World Gate Hotel
Orlando, Florida


"Great speakers! I learned something from every one. Wish I could have heard more. This was a great conference! I learned about a lot of nifty tools for use with CF that would make my work easier."
Both from Amy Finley, Florida State University.

"Excellent, fun, good location."
Nat Papovich, Webthugs Consulting.

"Great!! I was able to get solutions on several CF problems I've had for several weeks."
Ron Sherburne, Verizon Data Services.

"Great-look forward to next time."
Nichelle Moore, CT Communications.

"A day well spent."
Judy Griffin

"Very good- worth the [money]."
Dawn Dye, Boeing.

"Well worth the registration fee!"
Jim English, gomembers, Inc.

"Thank you for all the hard work on the conference. It was a very good event. And your directions were very much appreciated. :-)"

"Nice touch on the CF Odyssey page Michael... Also, thanks for a great CFSOUTH -- I got several questions answered needed to finish the COLAB app I'm now pushing to finish. Also a big eye opener on the FOP presentation by Neil Giarratana."

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