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Charlie Arehart
"CFMX Hidden Gems"
You've probably heard about some of the major new features in CFMX. Things such as ColdFusion Components, support for web services, native XML processing, increased integration with Flash have been talked about even before the product has been released. But there are a lot of smaller, and sometimes important new features that can really add dramatically to your programming capability and what you can do with CFMX. In this seminar, veteran CFUG speaker and CFDJ columnist Charlie Arehart will outline several of these hidden gems. He's been doing this sort of thing for each release since 4.01. Come learn what many only ever learn in his seminars and articles.

Raymond Camden
"Security in CFMX"
Want to know about the new security model in ColdFusion MX?
Raymond will discuss how to use the new <cflogin> tag as well as the other new security related tags and functions.

Sandra Clark
"Migrating from CF 5 to CFMX"
Making sure your existing programs run in ColdFusion MX is going to take some doing. Find out how to migrate applications from CF 5 by using the new migration tool in the ColdFusion Administrator, database changes that will affect your program, tag changes and more!

Adam P. Churvis
"Leveraging the New MX Functions and Components In Your Applications"
Now that functions can be written using regular CF tags as well as CFSCRIPT new possibilities are opened up, including full error handling and database queries. With Components CF takes a leap towards object-oriented code with properties, methods and inheritance. Find out how CFCs can add power to your CF programs.

Michael Dinowitz
"Regular Expression Power tips"
Regular expressions have always given hidden power to ColdFusion programs if you could unlock the cryptic syntax used. Now ColdFusion MX addes new features to regular expressions from the java world. Learn power programming tips using regular expressions for string searching and replacing

Steve Drucker
"Printing, Reporting, and Graphing"
Printing on the web can be hard, we take you through smart ways to print, format reports and display graphical data using CF. Including the new CF MX CFGRAPH tags.

Benjamin Elmore
"Unlocking the power of Java in CFMX"
There is a fine line between embedding Java into your application and extending Java into your application. This presentation focuses on how to effectively use Java to extend the capabilities of you ColdFusion applications. Each way that CF can be used in Java will be covered with its related benefits. Against these features we will discuss what it will take to orchestrate Java into our applications design. Tips and tricks will also be covered. Broaden you applications capabilities by fully understanding the options in front of you.

Ben Forta
XML is the glue that holds together different web sites that need to exchange data. Whether using WDDX or the new webservices XML is the key to data sharing. It can also be used to store structured data such as INI files and objects. Learn more XML tricks that CF MX lets you do such as converting XML into a structure and doing transformations on XML structures.

Shlomy Gantz
"Project Management for the MX generation"
Over 70% of projects fail. If you don't want your project to be one of them come learn upto date project management tips from a web project manager guru. Shlomy has saved large projects from failure and kept others on track to do what the customers need.

Hal Helms
"Implementing model view controller with Fusebox"
Want to add even more power to your applications? Then check out how separating the model of the application from its display and control can help you reuse code and reduce maintenance costs. The MVC model comes from java but Hal shows us how to leverage Fusebox to use it in ColdFusion.

Kevin Towes
"Flash MX and ColdFusion - Advanced Techniques"
In this session, Kevin will introduce Flash Remoting - the fastest way to develop server-side support for Flash MX. In this class, Kevin will demonstrate how ColdFusion MX and Flash MX will dramatically change the development environment. We will walk through a full exercise that will get you started with the technology. Learn to develop complex Data-Drive Flash Applications 5 times faster then you did before. Flash Remoting is the next generation serverside gateway integrating ColdFusion MX and Flash MX technologies. Kevin is authors of the official Tutorials for Flash Remoting on the Macromedia ColdFusion MX DevCenter and will walk ColdFusion and Flash Developers through the new steps of connecting Web services and remote Databases with Flash. Guaranteed to knock your socks off Flash and CF tricks.

Robi Sen
"Web Services and CF: Demystifying web services and service architectures"
ColdFusion MX allows developers to simply work with XML as well as publish components as WebServices using SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI. But there is more to WebServices than just being able to create and consume SOAP. WebServices offer developers a development paradigm change on par with moving from procedural coding to Object Oriented development. Learn what WebServices really are as well as how to create Service Architectures which allow you to take advantage of this new development paradigm.

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