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Top Ten Reasons
I have received some feedback from some people having difficulty convincing their boss to send them to CFUN-03. Here are ten reasons for going that you can tell them:

1. Two full days of training usually costs $750, CFUN-03 is only $249 - about a third of the cost!

2. To buy books on the 12 talks you can attend at CFUN-03 could cost $50 each or $600. Again CFUN-03 is cheaper and you get both a printed handbook and a CD-ROM of the talks, plus you can ask the authors questions too!

3. You will learn so much at CFUN-03 that when you come back you will be much more efficient at programming . If you are even 5% more efficient then CFUN-03 will pay for itself ten times over!

4. You can take any existing programming problems you have to the CF Doctor at CFUN-03 for a quick answer and save yourself time when you get back to the office.

5. Half the battle in programming can be knowing that a solution exists at all. By seeing and hearing about a wide range of techniques you will be prepared for future problems and be able to solve them in less time!

6. The people you meet at CFUN-03 can help you by bouncing ideas with you and for you to compare how your organization does programming vs other organizations.

7. You can pick the brains of the 28 nationally know speakers and ColdFusion authors who are speaking at the conference.

8. You can get live in person demos of your favorite ColdFusion add on vendor's software and ask their staff questions.

9. You can hear about the latest news on yet to be released Macromedia products that might affect your business in 2003.

10. You can save $50 by registering before 6/14/03 when the late registration price of $299 goes into effect.

Charlie Arehart
Jo Belyea-Doerrman
Vince Bonfanti
Ray Camden
Christian Cantrell
Sandra Clark
Robert Diamond
Michael Dinowitz
Steve Drucker
Matteo Foschetti
Shlomy Gantz
Mark Gorkin
Hal Helms
Simon Horwith
Jeff Houser
Chafic Kazoun
Matt Liotta
Tom Muck
Rey Muradaz
Samuel Neff
Jeff Peters
John Quarto-vonTivadar
Derrick Rapley
Neil Ross
Kevin Schmidt
Michael Smith
Geoff Snowman
Jeff Tapper
Kevin Towes