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"Who Wants To Be A ColdFusion Millionaire"

This is your chance to play the CF version of the most popular game show on TV.
* Ten (10) names of attendees will be chosen from a basket. They will be asked to give the answer to a question. You could be one of them!
* The first person to answer the question correctly will become the contestant for the game and have a chance at winning fantastic prizes.
* The contestant will be given a series of questions.
* All of the questions will be on ColdFusion and other Allaire products
* The questions will be 'multiple choice' - A, B, C, or D.
* The questions will get progressively harder.
* Among the prizes will be: T-shirt, hat, Allaire's Homesite, Skillbuilder, ColdFusion Studio, ColdFusion Server Professional Edition
* The Top Prize is a ColdFusion Server Enterprise Edition (Retail Value: $5,000)
* The contestant can quit at any level and keep the prize.
* The contestant will get sixty (60) seconds to answer each question.
* If the first contestant drops out early, the person with the second quickest answer will become the new contestant.
* There will be three (3) lifelines:
  • 50/50 - drop 2 wrong answers
  • Audience help - poll audience by show of hands
  • Call a friend - call on an audience member for help
Good luck!
- Amy Brooks (organizer)
- Adam Churvis (MC and programmer of Millionaire App)
- Charlie Arehart (Fact checker and CF Ombusman)


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