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Thanks to everyone who filled out a survey format at CFUN-2k. Here are the best of the quotes:
"Excellent resource of broad issues relating to ColdFusion."

"I'm super impressed and looking forward to next year."

"A great and very educational weekend."

"Excellent for beginners and pro alike."

"Well run, great speakers…fun!"

"It was excellent in content!"

"This was my first time and I loved it!"

"Awesome! Glad I came."

"Good information about integrating CF with other web technologies."

"Nice, laid back atmosphere. I like the community feeling you foster at CFUN-2K."
Jeremy Riddut

"Congratulations on a well organized CF conference. It was great to be there and also to participate in the 'Be a CF millionaire'... The speakers were excellent. The conference never seemed to loose focus of the people whom it was for... the CF community. Hope to have more of such exciting events coming up in future and I am looking forward to participate as a speaker at the next conference.
Thanks and regards,
Kedar Desai"

"Thanks for the work you put into the conference. Both years I have enjoyed myself. What separates this from the Allaire conference is its informalness and how the speakers are readily available for conversation and questions."
Thanks, Chris

"Everyone - well done at the conference - we got a lot of compliments on the conference.
Great Job. Learned alot. Thanks." - Beth

"You and your team did an excellent job with the conference. It was very well run, very informative, and very worthwhile. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you guys did.
Warm Regards,

"I attended the CFUN 2K this past weekend at NIH in Maryland, hosted by the Maryland CFUG. I just wanted to thank Michael Smith and TeraTech and everyone who was involved. It was AWESOME! All of the speakers were great and I got something from each presentation. In my previous life (which wasn't so long ago) I was in membership for an association. I know how difficult it is to pull off an event like that. So all of the effort that went into it is greatly appreciated!!"

"I wanted to thank you for a very useful seminar... I could only attend Saturday's sessions but I found them very relevant and useful. As the CIO of a small but rapidly growing internet company I often don't have time during the week for seminars so the time was perfect. I look forward to attending more CFUG events."
Dan Stapula

"i just wanted to thank you so much for underwriting the conference and doing such an excellent job of it. outstanding. your company should be applauded. and cpcug is outstanding resource. I can't believe you do what you do with volunteers. it is awesome."
barbara halpern

"I attended the CF Users' Conference last weekend and got a lot of useful infromation.I was impressed by the depth of knowledge available in your CFUG as well as others that made presentations. Keep it up."
Isaiah M. (Ike) Parker

"By the way, I particularly enjoyed your Millionaire game. I was very skeptical at first, but I enjoyed it and had fun...the most fun at the conference. So thanks."
About Speakers:
"To all Speakers at CFUN-2K,
I just want to say thanks to all of you for doing a great job. I learned a lot about ColdFusion and had an opportunity to meet with a lot of people that are working with such a great product. I am very new to this business, I come from a background which I crunched a lot numbers for a living. My earliest computer involvement began in 1970 as programmer using Fortran and Basic. This ColdFusion tagging business is a new challenge for me but an easy one.
Again I just want to say a job well done with CFUN-2K conference."

Charlie Arehart-"Knowledgeable, to the point. Great explanations."

Michael Smith- "Simple, engaging. I am intrigued enough to check out the Kelly Book."

Robi Sen-"Used real life examples to make connections-dynamic, knowledgeable, engaging."

Steve Nelson-"Engaging, good content, explained a solution/new logic"

April Fleming-"She was a very organized speaker and conveyed ideas very clearly"

John Paul Ashenfelter-"The lecture was very useful and easy to follow"
Shlomy Gantz-"Best blend of info, demos, and entertainment in presentation." "Concise and to the point content."

Steve Drucker-" Funny and most useful. Actual code."

Adam Churvis-"Informative, good presenter-organized." "Lots of energy."



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