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Speaker Information

  • Time: I figure 30 minutes total including 10 min Q&A.
  • People may also ask you questions during breaks. I am planning on 15 minutes between talks.
  • Q: Anything else I should be aware of?
  • We have microphone to amplify the sound. There might be video too.
  • 500 seats - about 40 across by 25 deep slightly sloped - like a cinema.
  • Get good directions (from the site) and come early - the NIH campus is very big and easy to get lost in!
  • Have written version of your talk that we can post on the website for attendees available by 7/1/00.
  • MS-PowerPoint does not do garbage collection by default - so everytime you edit the file it gets bigger! You can turn it off by doing Options, Saves, No fast saves.
  • Have fliers on your company that we can give out. At least the URL and what does!

Helpful Tips:
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Achieving the Purpose of Your Speech Finding Your Speech Objective
Four Steps to Communicating With Impact Using Statistics in Your Speech
The Use of Repetition in Your Speech Making Your Speech Worthwhile
New Communication Standards

Questions or Anything else I have missed? Email me [email protected]


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