CF Programming Philosophy

According to Allaire, there are 500,000 ColdFusion developers. This is an impressive number, but there's a great difference between developers and community members.

Lets look at some of the major community resources:

  • CF-Talk - 1800 subscribers
  • Fusion Authority - 1500 subscribers
  • CFDJ - unknown (less than 10,000)
Where are all the people? Why are they not talking with their fellow developers? More importantly, why are they not taking advantage of the resources that exist?

There are some incredible resources available to the CF community in print, sites and people. Why are they not being used? More importantly, why are there people out there who are not helping to grow the community?

Ask yourself, "do I have something worth giving to the community"? If the answer is yes, then you should be writing an article, talking about a technique, explaining a tip.

ColdFusion is a programming language and needs to grow both as a language and as a community that uses it. If we, the ColdFusion users do not learn and grow, we will wither and die as a community and the language will follow.

You should learn something new every day and teach something new to others when you do.

Are you

  • contributing your knowledge by writing?
  • Are you reaching out to the people you know to include them
  • increasing the pool of CF developers?
CF is programming.

Program CE (continuing education) into your CF day.