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Topic Ideas for Speakers
Speakers can glean these topics to assist in choosing a presentation topic.

User Suggestions

  • SQL server access, manipulation and performance tuning
  • Usage of COM
  • Report writing in ColdFusion
  • Lessons Learned from managing a high volume Cold Fusion Site
  • Server configurations/performance issues and the basics of choosing the right computer, ins and outs of the CF Administrator and what to look for in the logs.
  • Database answers for:
    • help on choosing the right database for the job
    • Should I use MySQL or the free version of Sybase (for Linux)
    • Maybe how to code for maximum database interchangeability
    • How to use the access upsize wizard and what are the gotchas
    • "alternative" Odbc databases (excel spreadsheets, text files...)
  • "Mistakes made by new Cold Fusion programmers"
  • Allaire's "other" products. Not spectra, but the rest of them....jrun...and the future of Cold Fusion and how its going to affect us.
  • Regular Expressions
  • Real world WDDX (not just a short introduction)
  • Load balancing and being prepared for your website to scale upwards when you've started small
  • Integrating servlets, java beans, etc. with your cold fusion applications and why you would want to
  • A javascript primer for the beginner sessions
  • Cold Fusion Studio-How to manage projects-How to use RDS-How to debug
  • Dealing with Caches:-How to use Cold Fusions built in caching abilities-How to deal with browser based caching-How to deal with internet caching appliancesXML: How to leverage Cold Fusion's XML intergrationI
  • Dynamic mapping of data onto an image (say the USA). Available from third party software which does alot more than what is needed and is therefore very expensive. It would be great to be able to do with CF. For example, query a database for the number of widgets per city; at the location on the map image for each city, display the number of widgets; finally, have each number be a hyperlink to a drill-down into the data for the city.

Web Technologies Topics

  • Understanding XML
  • WDDX
  • New Security Standards on the Web
  • JavaScript development and testing
  • Designing & Implementing Custom Tags - Beginners
  • Web Site Development - Incorporating CSS & JavaScript
  • Leveraging DHTML
  • Advanced XML
  • Dynamic graphic generation with Macromedia Generator
  • Coordinating Group Development
  • Streaming Media Technologies (e.g. Real Networks G2 technology)
  • Transaction Processing Monitors
  • Document Object Model
  • Improving Site Performance through HTML
  • Using CSS to control styles
  • Distributed Object Middleware
  • New Browser Technologies (Mozilla NG Layout, Internet Explorer 5.0)
  • HTML 5.0
  • Developing International Applications
  • Multimedia integration using SMIL
  • ISP Hosting issues
  • New HTTP Specification
  • Building graphics for the Web
  • Using XSL with XML
  • Getting Started with ColdFusion
  • Message Queuing Monitors
  • Developing a Web Site Using HomeSite

Web Application Dev Topics

  • Advanced ColdFusion security
  • Improving database and application performance
  • Advanced CFML language techniques
  • Performance tuning strategies
  • Session Variables & Cookies in ColdFusion
  • Managing ColdFusion Server on NT
  • Everything you wanted to know about custom tags
  • Using ColdFusion with COM and CORBA
  • Implementing Advanced Security Services
  • Load balancing and fail over
  • Managing team development
  • Distributed applications using WDDX
  • Advanced Language Constructs
  • Personalizing a CF Application
  • Managing database connections
  • Using WDDX to Improve Application Performance
  • Configuring large volume sites
  • Components of JavaScript
  • Full-text searching with Verity
  • Managing client information in your application
  • Advanced forms and client side validation
  • Developing automated agents
  • Extending ColdFusion Studio (VTX, VTML, VTOM, Wizards and ActionScripts)
  • Developing exception handling systems
  • Creating Style Sheets
  • Implementing a Template Caching System
  • Server-side validation and security
  • Building ColdFusion Applications with Macromedia Dreamweaver
  • Managing hosted servers
  • Managing ColdFusion Server on Unix
  • Building ColdFusion Applications with NetObjects Fusion
  • Using HTML Frames
  • Session & application variables with examples

Enterprise Solutions Topics

  • Extranets and business to business e-commerce
  • Building online stores and consumer e-commerce
  • Designing & Implementing Custom Tags - Advanced
  • Personalization and Web marketing
  • Content publishing solutions
  • Using Payment Processing Systems
  • Client / Server WDDX
  • Web based customer relations
  • Optimizing the customer experience with an e-commerce Web site
  • Server-to-Server WDDX
  • Customer support on the Web
  • Integrating with ERP systems (SAP, Peoplesoft, etc.)
  • Building portals
  • Collaboration and groupware on the web
  • Online auctioning systems


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