Pratices with ColdFusion and Fusebox
If you're ready for training that goes beyond Powerpoint slides and canned exercises, then you need to attend
"Best Practices with ColdFusion and Fusebox."

Fellow CFUGer!

How about some hot training during the cold winter? Specifically, how about four intense days spent learning the "Best Practices with ColdFusion and Fusebox" -- right here in Atlanta?

Hal Helms Helms (aka "Mr. Fusebox") and Adam Churvis, (of DatabaseBlocks fame and president of the Atlanta CFUG) are teaming up for a training seminar in Atlanta. The cost of the class is $2500 -- BUT, for CFUG members ONLY (no kidding), the class is being offered for $2000. Adam Churvis

WHAT: The class is intended for journeyman ColdFusion programmers who want to learn proven techniques for creating robust, scalable code that's easy to maintain, using the Fusebox methodology.

WHEN: Jan. 22-25, 2001


MORE INFO: [email protected]

NOTE: Because class size is limited, if you're interested in being part of the fun, please don't delay in registering. Students are taken on a first come, first served basis and checks must be received by January 8 , 2001.

The class will cover the following areas:

- Wireframes and prototyping: Ensure the success of a project before a line of code is ever written.

- Database schemas: Create robust data schemas that can handle high concurrency loads.

- Database indexes: Guarantee database speed and scalability.

- SQL queries, stored procedures, and triggers : Never again be intimidated by a complex query.

- Fusebox: Come back with real-world experience writing Fusebox apps, including nested fuseboxes for high scalability and code reuse.

- Error handling: Understand and implement best practices in error handling from site-wide templates to <cftry*><cfcatch>.

- Customizing Studio: Little tips that yield big benefits in saving you time and drudgery.

- State management: Keeping track of users while planning for scalability and clustering.

- Javascript and ColdFusion: Integrating the two for a better user experience.

- Structures and Arrays: Master structures and arrays until they quake before you!

- Source control: Eliminate the risk of code being overwritten and make team development safer.

- Authorization/Security: Protect and secure your apps .

Now, that's a LOT to pack into a four-day class, so come ready to work hard. Each student will have a laptop computer equipped with ColdFusion server 4.51, ColdFusion Studio 4.51, Visual SourceSafe and SQL Server 7.0 to work from. I'm a firm believer that students learn best by doing-rather than by being lectured at, so there's lots of hands-on work to keep that laptop busy!

There are no formal prerequisites. We don't expect you to be masters of CF--just to have that as your goal. If you're competent with ColdFusion (typically have been using it for at least six months) and would like to master these topics, then this class is definitely for you. There's a good deal of database/SQL work in the class, something that many CF'ers aren't strong on and have requested. This is a great chance to really upgrade your skills.

If you need answers to specific questions, please feel free to email [email protected].

To sign up, head over to To get the special CFUG pricing, please write "CFUG" in the form field for "Company". Class size is limited, so if you're interested, please don't delay.

We hope to see you in January in Hotlanta! (we've ordered up special warm weather just for the occasion),

Hal Helms and Adam Churvis

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