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Fusebox Architecting Class
August 27 - 31, 2001
Washington, DC

If you've wanted to master Fusebox architecture, this is the class for you. It is a challenging 5 day course. Using the techniques of Fusebox 3 and of eXtended Fusebox (XFB), you'll work with class members to create the specifications for a large-scale, real-world system.

  • Using Steve's new specification tool: it rocks!
  • Building prototypes that capture client requirements
  • Creating a Fusebox schematic with visual mapping tools
  • Learning to write the new XML-based Fusedoc specification
  • Getting feedback from real coders who will build fuses according to your specifications
  • Dealing with the problems of remote coders
  • Dealing with DBAs
  • Dealing with graphics and user interface specialists
  • Understanding and using the new Fusebox 3 techniques including:
    • nested circuits
    • inheritance
    • bubbling exception handling
    • security model

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