Community Suite

October 21st - 24th, 2001


House of Fusion in conjunction with other sponsors will be hosting a Community Suite during the 2001 MM ColdFusion conference.

This suite will be open all day and much of the night during the conference, and will provide a location for community members to gather, meet and network.

Besides the presence of the community itself, the suite will also feature the following:

* Presentations from people in the field
* A ColdFusion- and Tech-related reading library
* CF_FightClub - video game projector for one on one combat
* CFUG signups
   And more...

Sponsors are being sought to help defer the costs of the suite and provide more for the community. A company that can show its support for the community in a close way, as well as have tech people there to talk, will reap great rewards from the community. People like working with those they know personally rather than unknowns.

There will be more information about this on House of Fusion and Fusion Authority in coming weeks.

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