CFMX Round Room
Tuesday, October 29th, 2002
Walt Disney Dolphin, Orlando, Florida
Room 7110
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This is an open discussion on the challenges and advantages of ColdFusion MX that will take place at 1:30 - 4:00 pm.

While CFMX is a fantastic system, a great system, it is also a new system -- and with all this, it is not a perfect system. But there are ways to correct the imperfections that we've found. We will not be having a Round Table. What we will be having is a Round Room, where everyone passes around their ideas, their problems, and their solutions.

Examples of issues that may be discussed:

* What are the best practices in moving from CF 5 to CFMX?
* CFMX features when you're stuck with CF 5.
* Where are CFCs useful? How best to learn about them? What are their limitations?
* The challenges and opportunities of compiling/precompiling CFMX templates.
* What are the differences between J2EE sessions and standard CF sessions and where should each be used?
* Keeping on top of CFMX updates and issues.
* Best resources (books, articles, sites, classes) for learning CFMX, solving challenges.

(Note: This is not set up to bash MX, but to honestly discuss its usage.)
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