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The Allaire Developer Conference 2000 was held November 5 - 8, 2000 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Kevin Schmidt of ColdFusion Developer's Journal reviews DevCon 2000.
Streaming Video of the two general sessions.
Conference Overview
    Here’s an overview of the conference highlights:
  • In-depth technical workshops on Web application development and deployment topics.
  • Product demonstrations and sneak previews of new Allaire technologies.
  • Hands-on technology labs staffed by Allaire experts.
  • A partner solutions exhibit area featuring key complementary technologies.
  • ColdFusion Developer Certification Testing Center.
    The conference also provided opportunities to learn directly from industry experts:
  • Jeremy Allaire spoke on industry trends and Allaire’s direction.
  • Dialog with the Allaire Engineering and Product Management teams.
  • Learn best practices from the Allaire Technical and Training staff and Team Allaire members.
  • Attend networking events to meet your colleagues and exchange information.
Conference Goodies
Attendees received green soft laptop briefcases, black CFUG t-shirts. CFUG Managers received blue Hawaiian planet shirts (you've got to see it to believe it).

If you filled out the survey, you received a black Allaire vest. If you stayed for the final luncheon on Wednesday, you received a Developer 2000 lunch box (neat).

If you attended CF_Scale before the conference, you received a CF Beer glass and a blue CF_Scale t-shirt.

Streaming Video
"For all that are interested: Streaming video files of the two general sessions are now available for you to view at The general session PowerPoint presentations synched with the video will also be available soon.

Everyone has been asking for the Mega Developer video to be posted and the word is that it will eventually be posted as a streaming video at this same url."


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