Ben Forta's International CFUG Tour
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Ben Forta on tour
Ben Forta went on tour in Europe this summer and was joined in London and Dublin by Michael Smith of MDCFUG.
Netherlands CFUG (it's in Dutch).

Kicking off on a Sunday afternoon, Ben went right from the Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam where he presented Tips and Tricks of ColdFusion Masters to the Netherlands CFUG.

The Netherlands CFUG Manager, Simon Frank said, "Everybody thought it was great that so many people from Allaire were at this meeting. Allaire is really supporting the developer community and Ben's presentation was great!"
Thanks to Herman Mentick for pulling this meeting together last minute and for transferring the CFUG logo onto two big delicious cakes (somehow I didn't get a picture of that).

Central Europe CFUG (it's in German)

Next stop was Munich where over 100 people attended a 6-hour CFUG meeting hosted by the Central Europe CFUG. After two German presentations, Ben wowed the crowd where the interaction was fantastic.

The German CFUGs are curious about JRun, Spectra and of course had so many questions about ColdFusion that Ben's presentation lasted over two hours. Special guest, Stefan Gudmundsson, Sweden CFUG Manager joined us for the meeting. Sven Slazenger, the Central Europe CFUG Manager did a fabulous job of attracting a great crowd and especially on picking the snacks as those Bavarian pretzels were outstanding!


No time for Octoberfest because Ben and I had to catch a flight to London where over 300 people came to hear Ben give his Tips and Tricks presentation. The crowd was so overwhelming that it is actually the second largest CFUG meeting to date (CFUG-O-Rama in DC had 750 attendees).

Proving again that the ColdFusion Universe is a tight community was special guest presenter, Maryland CFUG Manager, Michael Smith who was in London checking on his roots. He riled the crowd up by tossing out some T-shirts, providing tag posters and talking about what makes a ColdFusion User Group successful.

Thanks to Nik Richardson and his awesome Board of Directors who made this meeting a HUGE success. Also to the UK's two newest groups, Stephen Moretti CFUG Manager of the Northern England CFUG, and Martin Kelly of the Bristol England CFUG for attending and recruiting new members.

Ireland CFUG

The last stop was in Dublin, Ireland where CFUG Manager Daryl Fullerton and his gang gathered together over 100 attendees.

The meeting was held at University College Dublin where ColdFusion is being taught for the first time this semester. The group was made up of a lot of students who are new to ColdFusion and because they are starting their course this week wanted a preview of what they would be learning. As everyone knows, the Irish are a hospitable bunch and the CFUG gang showed Ben and I a good time. To view the CFUG Presentation click here.

Forta on Guinness This priceless photo of Ben Forta drinking guinness in Dublin, was captured by Michael Smith who joined Ben and I in Ireland to spread the good word about CFUGs.

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