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The greatest collection of Fusebox luminaries ever under one roof!

Nat Papovich Currently an independant contractor and application architecture consultant, Nat has been developing Fusebox applications since 1998. He is an active participant in the Fusebox community and in developing Fusebox standards. He edited "Fusebox Methodology and Techniques", as well as an upcoming ColdFusion book by Hal Helms from Prentice Hall "ColdFusion To Go". Nat also writes articles and provides Fusebox-specific training to corporations in the Los Angeles/San Diego area. He is a regular speaker at ColdFusion conferences and events.
Nat Papovich can be reached at [email protected].
Charlie Arehart Charlie Arehart is founder/CTO of Systemanage. He's a Macromedia certified advanced developer and instructor with more than 5 years experience in ColdFusion and more than 20 years total in IT. He's been teaching or writing about these subjects for nearly as long and writes a monthly "Journeyman" column in the ColdFusion Developer's Journal and a bi-monthly column in the Java Developers Journal. He's been or is involved in several book projects and is also a regular speaker at developer conferences, seminars, and User Group meetings worldwide. What many people don't know is that Charlie's also a past swing dance champion, has sung professionally with recording artists in Australia, and is currently loving life living on a golf course in suburban Maryland.
Charlie Arehart can be reached at [email protected].
Sean Renet Sean Renet's professional career includes 12 years as a senior marketing executive in the record industry to include stints at Motown, Polygram, Capitol and Warner Brothers Records. His programming experience includes 5 years of Java and Perl, 4 years of Coldfusion and 2 years of Fusebox architecture. His primary development focus is web application architecture and security. Currently he is an independent web application consultant and Senior Partner at Manna Minerales del Noroeste a trans-American precious metals mining corporation. In the fall he will launch Broadcast Dynamics - an internet/intranet solution provider for commercial radio.
Sean Renet can be reached at [email protected].
Erik Voldengen Erik Voldengen is an independent contractor based in Portland, Oregon. He has six years of experience in web development, and over three years experience with ColdFusion using the Fusebox methodology. Erik is a creative, dynamic individual, and enjoys spending his free time with his family, bicycle racing, and other outdoor activities.
Erik Voldengen can be reached at [email protected].
Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters can be reached at [email protected] .
Patrick McElhaney
Patrick McElhaney can be reached at [email protected].
Drew Harris Drew Harris is the Webmaster for PennWell Corporation, which is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. PennWell is a highly diversified media company providing authoritative print and online publications, conferences and exhibitions, research, databases, Internet-based services and other information products to strategic global markets. With 7 years experience with databases, and 6 years total programming Drew and his team have been challenged with the task of creating standards and metrics to evaluate 50 of PennWell’s systems, evaluation of those systems, and development of a “plan of action” for each system. There is a strong possibility that many of the systems will be migrated to an enterprise web based solution written in Fusebox ColdFusion. Prior to his career as an IT professional, Drew designed training and curriculum while running his own business teaching rock climbing.
Drew Harris can be reached at [email protected].
John Quarto-vonTivadar Having worked on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope, when John says, “It’s not rocket science,” he does so with authority. John brings both a world of technical knowledge and a world of business knowledge to his role at Future Now, where he is responsible for new technology initiatives and development and technical training, as well as for writing about technical issues from a business perspective. He also regularly gives seminars on those topics in North America and Europe focused on how business and technology people can better understand each other. Previously, John was CTO of an Internet incubator in NYC with more than 40 web-based businesses across a wide range of B2C and B2B markets, including development of the highly acclaimed “Category Manager”, “iTract” and “e-Marketplaces” web applications. Earlier, he was Senior Engineer for Internet Products and New Technologies for the Boston-based engineering software firm The Invention Machine. He also was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade for five years, ran an institutional trading desk on the floor of the exchange and managed a private hedge fund valued in excess of $5 million. At NASA, John worked on instrument calibration software testing for Hubble’s high-speed photometer and high-resolution spectrograph. He holds a Masters degree in Astrophysics and a Bachelors of Science degree in Astronomy.
John Quarto-vonTivadar can be reached at [email protected].
Bob Silverberg
Bob Silverberg can be reached at .
Ken Beard Ken Beard is an independent contractor working in the Tampa Bay area on ColdFusion Intranet/Extranet, E-Commerce and Content Management applications. He manages the Tampa Bay Cold Fusion User Group (www.tbcfug.org) and participates in the Fusebox community. His other passions include Tai Chi, dancing, DJ-ing and intelligent humans.
Ken Beard can be reached at [email protected].
Wells Burke Wells Burke is the Co-Founder & President of Synthis Corporation, a software solutions company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Wells has experience in architecting large scale, Internet software solutions using technologies such as Enterprise Java, XML, and ColdFusion. Wells began building eBusiness solutions at IBM, and as part of IBM's Multimedia and eBusiness divisions, he worked as a software architect, supporting some of the company's largest eBusiness initiatives.
Wells Burke can be reached at [email protected].
Steve Nelson
Steve Nelson can be reached at [email protected].
David Huyck David Huyck first started working in ColdFusion and Fusebox in 1999 at GeoAgents.com with Nat Papovich and other Fusebox list members, Jeff Marsh and Scott Newsome. He started working with PHP in 2000, and started a PHP-Fusebox list on egroups.com (now yahoogroups.com) in October of that year. David is owner and webmaster of Bombusbee.com, a site currently focused on PHP-Fusebox programming. Presently, David is doing database and web programming in Madison, WI, for Planet Propaganda, a creative communications company. Some of Planet's award-winning work can be seen at PlanetPropaganda.com. Recent projects include Bontrager.com, PunchStock.com, and WIFilmfest.org, with Gary Fisher, JanSport, Land's End, and several other familiar brands on the client list.
David Huyck can be reached at [email protected].
Kevin Towes Kevin Towes, Co-Founder & Sr. Vice President, Pangaea NewMedia, Inc. - an interactive-media production company based in Toronto, Canada; Kevin's background is a true new-media convergence story. Experience in Film, Photography, Sound and 3D Animation combined with Database and Software development offer a unique visual and technical marriage that has helped make Pangaea successful. Kevin's theories and techniques in content and technology keep the company one-step ahead in mobile data and application development. A commitment to, and position in the web development community have offered him opportunities as a regular speaker to both industry professionals and in the capacity of part-time professor at Ryerson University. He provides Pangaea NewMedia with extraordinary vision and expertise in web site, interactive broadcasting, netcasting and wireless applications that are flexible and forward thinking. In the role of Creative Director, Kevin pushes the creative and technical envelope through the marriage of design, system architecture, managed content and converging technologies. Kevin's expertise in database-driven web design and Internet solutions results in success for clients such as CBC, CHUM, Canadian Recreational Canoeing Association, Avion Films, Imported Artists and the Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival.
Kevin Towes can be reached at [email protected].
Paul Mone
Paul Mone can be reached at [email protected].
Brett Suwyn Brett Suwyn has been writing ColdFusion applications since 1996, and now is working as an independent consultant based in East Lansing Michigan. In 1999 Brett wrote his first XML based application, a distributed desktop application interfacing with a central office using WDDX. Seeing the powers that XML had to offer, Brett has focused on XML based solutions for his clients ever since. Author of the popular soXML tag, Brett's current developments have him designing SOAP based CF Web Service applications that look towards tomorrow's Internet.
Brett Suwyn can be reached at [email protected].
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