Fusebox Fun 2000
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"This has been one of the best seminars I've been to in a long time. Thanks"
- Cam Wilson

"Thank you, it was the best conference I've attended in a long time."
- Michael Pellicciotti

About the pre-registration - "Great. Nice look on the new site"
- David Cobb

"Excellent. The reminder e-mails were great"
- Julian Easterling

About the check-in process - "Very organized, efficient, smiling faces."
- Kenny Richmond

"Price too low." !!!!!
- Shannon Smith

"I learned more at the Fusebox conference than I have in the past 6 months of coding on my own. You guys put on a great event ... look forward to the next one."
- Kevin Bridges

"We had our October meeting last night and thought I would pass one new member's reasons for joining. Apparently this new member attended the Fusebox Conference last month and he was VERY impressed not only with the conference itself but with all of the speakers he met. He originally thought that the CFUG wouldn't have a lot to offer him but the people that he met convinced him that he should give it a try. SOOOO... thanks to all of you who put together and spoke at the Fusebox Conference! It only goes to show that people are listening when you spread the word about CFUGs."
- Rae
"PS - He was also very excited about everything he learned at the Fusebox Conference. He couldn't stop talking about how great Fusebox is... So, if there was ever any doubt, you did a great job on the conference!"

"Since I haven't seen one yet I thought I'd just drop a line to thank everyone who made the FuseBox conference a success. It was a great time and I learned a ton. Hal, you moved me man.

It was really refreshing to see other people doing the same things as we are here. All of the speakers were great and I think it will really help the community. Despite my travel woes (3 cancelled flights, 2 delays, de-boarded 2 planes just before take-off, missing rental cars, and 8 hours of unexpected wasted time) I will definitely be attending the next conference. I urge those that were unable to attend to begin lobbying now for next year.

I saw some people video taping it, are you going to make those videos available?

Again thanks to all who made that possible!"

- Brian Doyle

"I learned so much in such a short period of time that my brain about burst!

Steve was a very good speaker, Hal was fantastic, and everyone else was very, very, very good. I have so many thing back-brewing on my mind right now that I am having a hard time concentrating on the work I have to do as opposed to the work I want to do.

I will be there next year!"
- Bobby Nichols

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