International Web Services/XML Conference and Expo
October 14th - 16th, 2003
Toronto, Canada
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This conference and exposition is dedicated to the fast growing and exciting Web services industry. It showcases the latest technologies, products, services, & applications; addresses the markets, and highlights the challenges and opportunities for corporate financing particularly venture capital and mergers & acquisitions for companies in the Web services industry.
This major international technology event combines information on the cutting edge of Web services with advice from leading professionals on how to make the web service technologies work for your company.
The new and exciting Web Services and XML technologies are drastically changing how people conduct business, vastly altering the competitive landscape of information technology industries, and significantly improving enterprise efficiency. The influences of the Web Services and XML technologies are becoming increasingly visible, and their momentum will greatly become more significant over the next several years. Move forward with the IT industry. Embrace the leading edge, and ensure your vantage point over your peers.
The Conference Topics
The Agenda
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