Welcome to the User Group Managers Conference Site for
Tuesday June 28, 2005 held the day before CFUNITED-05

We would like you to join us for a full day of pre-conference discussions about various topics. 9am - 5:30pm

Topics Include:

  1. How to Become a Great Presenter
    Being Dynamically Engaging and Interactively Funny

    Want to become more compelling and creative as a presenter or speaker? Want to deliver a message that will grab your audience's attention, speak their language, playfully provoke new ideas and sustain group attention? Want to generate some laughter, thereby helping others become more receptive to your serious or "bottom line" message?

    Overcome your own presentation/performance fears; ingeniously structure and deliver serious and playful content that "keeps them on the edge" (of their seats); and use relevant, interactive and fun-filled exercises that have an audience engaged and interested in what you have to say or teach!

    Learning Objectives/Outcomes
    1. How to quickly grab an audience's attention
    2. How to playfully confront your "Intimate FOE": Fear of Exposure
    3. How to use the "Four 'P" Principles of Powerful Presentation Model
    4. How to illustrate key concepts through relevant warm-up and interactive exercises that stimulate sharing, bonding, creative problem-solving, team synergy, and fun
    5. How to integrate humor throughout a presentation
    6. How to field audience questions and stimulate large group discussion
    7. How to deliver a dynamic, fun, and memorable close

    Don't miss your appointment with the Stress Doc.

    This success lab will be lead by Mark Gorkin, LICSW, "The Stress Doc", an international speaker, syndicated writer and a "Motivational Humorist" for corporate clients/conferences with the DC Improv Comedy Club. He is also America Online's "Online Psychohumorist" (Keyword: Stress Doc).

  2. What is new at MM?

    As always: a lot!. At last years conference, Simon discussed the new products and other endeavors from Macromedia as well as how these products reflected the direction that Macromedia technology was leading us in and how this impacts the development community at large. This year he will update us on what's changed over the past year as well as what's in store for us in the near future. Among the new products discussed and demonstrated will be Flex, ColdFusion MX 6.1, halo, and more! Simon Horwith is Chief Technology Officer at eTRILOGY ltd., a software development company in London, England..

    Simon has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5 and is a member of Team Macromedia. He is a Macromedia Certified Instructor and is an Advanced ColdFusion and Flash Developer as well. In addition to administering the CFDJ-List talk list and regularly presenting at user groups and conferences, Simon is a contributing author of several books and writes a monthly column for ColdFusion Developers Journal, of which he is also the co-technical editor. Simon recently launched - a site devoted to defining CFML best practices and providing open-source plug and play functionality to the ColdFusion development community.                           Presentation

  3. Leadership skills
    Organizational Leadership BootCamp

    Do you wish that your position came with a user manual? You have undertaken the substantial responsibility of heading your chapter and its succeed largely depends on your leadership skills. This educational, dynamic workshop will help you become more comfortable in your leader hat. Learn how to:
    - Cultivate the skills essential to successfully leading your organization
    - Maximize chapter attendance, membership and participation
    - Attain feedback, support and buy-in from members
    - Organize interesting, memorable, dynamic events
    - Involve other members in leadership roles

  4. Finding Speakers

    Finding Speakers and Topics to Interest Your Members Having captivating MMUG meetings is not easy - you have to find good speakers and topics. So, how do you find speakers and ensure that they're good? How can you tell if your members will care about the topic? What do you do when your speaker cancels on the day of the meeting? How can you avoid getting stressed out and overwhelmed by it all? We'll go over some innovative ways to attract engaging speakers (not just salespeople!) that your members will WANT to hear, and what to do when your speakers don't show up. We'll also discuss using Breezos and show you how easy it is to host - and present- remotely, and how to use shared presentations effectively. There will also be tips and techniques for making YOUR presentations better!

    This session will be presented by Lisa Heselton, manager of DHSMMUG ( Lisa's background includes marketing, video production, writing, business, project, and artist management, design/development, presentations, sales, promotions/events, and training. By day, she's a government contractor, developing instructor-led and Web-based training; in her 'off time', she runs Kavka Marketing and Production blog is online at

  5. Marketing Your Group

  6. Leveraging business partnerships for user groups

    Free books, free hosting,free software for tired, overworked presenters, The Top Ten partnerships for user groups.

    Don Smith [email protected].

  7. Creating Next Generation UGs

    Running a UG requires dedication and a sacrifice of your time. If you're going to put forth that kind of effort, you want to know that you're putting your best foot forward--and without your life becoming completely out of balance in the process. Achieving that aim is possible, but you need a good strategy. In this presentation, Josh Adams of the Atlanta ColdFusion User Group (ACFUG) will tell you not only about what ACFUG is and does today, but also how ACFUG grew from its humble beginnings as nothing more than a mailing list in 1998. Regardless of whether your group is relatively new or more mature, you'll learn tips to help you take it to the next level!

  8. Networking and getting to know other UG managers and speakers

    Network with your peers over a beer. This has been a great way to make new friends and see the face behind the email. I have even found future speakers too.

    Take a break from all the technical sessions and chat with Macromedia staff including website Architect Sean Corefield and Sr. Product Manager Tim Buntel.

    Sean has worked in IT for over twenty years. He started out writing database systems (in assembler) and compilers (in various languages, including COBOL!) before moving in mobile telecoms and finally to the web about eight years ago. Along the way, he worked on the ISO and ANSI C++ Standards committees for eight years but then turned to Java (in '97) and gave up C++, although he still maintains one of the textbook reference websites: C++ - Beyond the ARM. Sean is a staunch advocate of software standards and best practice, having written C++ coding guidelines for several companies during the 90's and more recently maintaining the Macromedia ColdFusion MX Coding Guidelines and Mach II Development Guide which are also published for the ColdFusion community. He has also given several seminar talks, both in- house and publicly, on these subjects. Sean has championed and contributed to Mach II and is also a member of Team Fusebox.

    Tim Buntel is the Sr. Product Manager for ColdFusion at Macromedia, Inc. In addition to his role on the product team, he is a frequent international lecturer, teacher, and writer about Macromedia technology.


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