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    MXDU: MX DownUnder AsiaPac Macromedia DevCon
    February 19th - 20th, 2003
    Sydney, Australia

The MXDU Early Bird Special has been extended to the 23rd of December!

Do you know all there is to know about Macromedia MX technology?
We have the people who do!

Expect a 2-Day, multi-tracked and action packed adventure.
   Speakers include:
* John Snyder from Macromedia, and Sean Corfield, Macromedia's Director of Architecture - Keynote Seakers
* Mark Blair - CFMX For J2EE
* Lee Borkman - FuseBox: Building in an MX world
* Geoff Bowers - FourQ: Persistent Components
* Brian Chau - Dreamweaver MX extensions
* Ian Chia - Flash development on devices
* Robin Hilliard - Flash Comm. Server Case Study
* Minty Hunter and Mike Pearce - Flash MX meets the Poo Farm
* Kai K├Ânig - CFMX Web apps. for mobile devices
* Scott Mebberson - ActionScripting
* Spike Milligan - Securing Apps. With CFMX
* Barry Moore - ColdFusion Components
* Andrew Muller - Building MXDU Registration Application
* Rob Rusher - ColdFusion MX Coding
* Grant Straker - Migrating to CFMX from CF5
* James Talbot - Flash remoting with J2EE
* Jesse Warden - Component Development for Flashcom
   Topic coverage will include:
* ColdFusion MX
* Flash MX
* Studio MX
* Flash Remoting
* Flash For Devices
* ColdFusion Components
* Web Services
* Flash Communications Server
The MXDU Early Bird Special has been extended to the 23rd of December!
The special discount of $100 will not be extended further, so get registered!
*Remember there is an attendance cap in place for the conference!
   For more info go to http://www.mxdu.com/.
   Call for papers.
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