Wednesday, February 13, 2002
Costa Mesa, California

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SCCFUG presents its second one-day technical conference. "We listened to what you asked for in our recent survey and we're attempting to address your suggestions." There will be door prizes for the first 40 people to register and seats are limited.
You must register in advance and there is discount for people who register before February 1st, 2002. To register click here.
Speakers include:
  • Ben Forta, world-reknowned ColdFusion guru, the ColdFusion product advocate for Macromedia and the author of may books, including the best selling "The ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit" as well as "Advanced ColdFusion Application Development" and many other titles.
  • Mike O'Brien - a Senior Project Manager at Advanta Solutions, Inc. in Long Beach where he has been focused on developing high quality web application for 5 years.
  • Doug Nottage - a long-time ColdFusion advocate and the Director of Advanced Technology for Autobytel where he is focused on ColdFusion and JRun.
  • Paul Mone - who works for Ninth Link Consulting Group in San Diego and is co-authoring a book on several Mcromeida developer technologies.
  • Keen Haynes - a consultnat working for EKH Technologies. He used to work as a Macromedia senior consultant where he was focused on ColdFusion and JRun.
  • Nat Papovich - currently an independant consultant, he has been developing Fusebox applications since 1998 and has contributed to several books on ColdFusion and Fusebox, including the upcoming "Fusebox: Developing ColdFusion Applications".
  • Benjamin Pate - a developer with Velocity Networks in Hawthorne and is the creator of the SmartObjects development framework.
For more details click here.
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