Sunday October 27th, 2002
10:00am - 1:30pm
Cabana Bar and Grill

Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
(the Macromedia DevCon hotel)

Get ready for more fun and excitement -- ColdFusion style --
courtesy of TeraTech and MDCFUG.

CF Underground IV

Learn a bunch of cool CF programming meta tricks to save you time and headaches.

  • Fantastic job guys!! - Dominic Plouffe
  • Best event so far.- David Epler
  • Thought this was great. My first time and will definately attend next year. - Scott Young
  • Lots of fun! - Amy Grothaus
  • Good job. I attended the Underground meeting in DC (2000). I'm very pleased with todays events. - Juan Moyer
  • Thanks for a great time! - Jason Clark
  • 10:00am Michael Smith - FLiP for CF
    What is FLiP and can it help improve our client communication and projects? FLiP is the Fusebox Lifecycle Process and covers wireframing, prototyping, devnotes and formal sign-off as a way to increase communication and reduce project screw ups.

  • 10:30am Jeff Peters - Analytic Synthesis: Think Before You Build
    Critical thinking is an underdeveloped art, but one that is vital to successful application development. Analytic Synthesis is the consolidation of two decades of investigation into success and failure in application development. This technique provides insight into the general methods employed by successful creators in a wide variety of disciplines. Take a look at the way you think, and you'll never approach a project "the way we've always done it" again.

  • 11:00am Michael Dinowitz - Trust me, it'll be good
    Michael will start on trusting your source of information, on to testing that trust, then on to the main topic which he would like to keep secret for now. As always with "Mr House of Fusion" it will be interesting. :-)

  • 11:30am Michael Smith - CFUG Bug Hunt awards
    The CFUG with the most bugs reported at CFBugHunt will get the big prize

  • 11:35am CF Jeopardy
    A little fun with CF in the sun with your CF beer

  • 12:00pm Charlie Arehart - Taking a Look At Security Options in CFMX
    In CFMX, there are new options for providing security both for user authentication (logging in your users and controlling what they an do) and for resource/sandbox security (controlling what resources, such as datasources, files/directories, tags, functions, and more) that your application can access. In this 30 minute discussion, Charlie will help put these new features into perspective, contrast them to previous release features, and help you to see how easily you can work with these--and show you why it's important that you understand them.

  • 12:30pm Shlomy Gantz - Bigger, Better, Faster
    Discussion on techniques to speed up your ColdFusion development. The discussion will overview techniques and patterns that save you time and money. Whether it is extending and customizing your work environment, using design patterns, writing code without writing code or even project planning. Bring your own techniques to the discussion, share ideas and concepts and listen to what the experts have to say.

  • 1:00pm Ray Camden - Project Screwups and How to avoid them
    A group of seasoned ColdFusion programmers will discuss common screws ups on projects and how to avoid them. Good CF Development practices in general - and things we do to help us work better. Ray will also talk about the resources he uses and the mistakes he has made in the past. Audience participation and war stories from the frontlines of ColdFusion development welcomed!
    Charlie Arehart
    Michael Dinowitz
    David An -
    Rob Brooks-Bilson
    Shlomy Gantz
    • I can't live without ________.
    • When working on a project, what general guidelines/rules do you follow. This is strictly NON code.
    • Same question - but now talk about code.
    • What are ColdFusion developers NOT doing now and why SHOULD they be doing it?
    • What's "right" about ColdFusion?
    • What's wrong with ColdFusion?
    • You can't use ColdFusion. What do you use?

  • Free drink and lunch

  • T-Shirt

  • Learn CF

  • Network

Michael Smith Jeff Peters Expert Panel Fun, Food and Drink Michael Dinowitz

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An MDCFUG and TeraTech Event

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