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Saturday, June 15th - Sunday, June 16th, 2002

8am - 5pm

  • "I just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful work you did to make CFUN an enjoyable learning experience. The speakers were excellent, the sponsors were cool. Everything was as good as you could possibly make it. Now pat yourself on the back for the great effort and get some rest this week!!!!"
    Nancy Maynard

  • "Just wanted to drop a line to all the managers I met at CFUN this weekend. Michael Smith put on a outstanding conference. I just wanted to thank Michael again for all his hard work and if you haven't caught Michael Dinowitz's Presentation on Regular Expression or Hal Helms on MVC's and Kevin Towes on Flash Remoting, see when you get get these guys down to your CFUG.
    In fact I could list them, however special note does go out to Charlie Arehart for a great CF Hidden Gems Presentation and to Ray Camden, (The Jedi Master Himself), for his Security in MX Presentation. All the presentations were excellent. Oh yes, and I can't forget Adam Churvis who, if anyone has not seen him recently, has shaved off his beard and cut his hair. You wouldn't recognize him. All in all a lot of fun."
    Ray Bayly

  • "Hi Teratech Team,
    One of the best ways to learn is by having fun, that's what CFFUN02 had and its important that you had really good speakers who made the conference interesting by adding their experience to a fun level of teaching and spreading the word out. And the best thing I enjoyed is the last part of the conference by having all Guru's at one place and answering to the questions. I am looking forward for CFFUN03 now. Thanks for all the volunteers and other sponsors to make this a successful event. Keep it on."
    Ketan Patel

  • " Congratulations to you on running a FINE conference. It was really good. I had intended to skip speakers here and there, it being FATHER'S DAY! BUT, I didn't skip anything. And they were all HIGH on almost everything. And, the Ben Forta session was inspired ;-)."
    - Don Bellenger

  • "Michael,
    I wanted to drop you a note and say thanks for the CFUN-02 conference. I have been to many conferences in my 21 years of professional programming, and this by far was the best conference I have ever attended. The information provided by each and every presenter was top notch. I can't wait for CFUN-03 and if pre-registration were available today, I would sign up today! This conference is an incredible value and to me was worth many times the price. Take care and thanks again for all the great speakers!"
    Joe Hayes

  • "CFUN02 was a blast this year with excellent speakers and sponsors. I got plenty of useful information from both that I wouldn't have necessarily researched myself."

  • "The inclusion of Shlomy Gantz's discussion was especially relevant - thank you for including a non-technical speaker."
    - Mark Schramm

  • "It was good to have the CF-doctor answering questions that might not have been answered at the podium."

Speakers include:
Ben Forta Charlie Arehart Adam Churvis Shlomy Gantz
Michael Dinowitz Kevin Towes Steve Drucker Hal Helms
Robi Sen Sandra Clark Raymond Camden Ben Elmore
Map and directions to the DoubleTree Rockville Hotel.
To Do in DC: What to Do When Not Learning CF
Sponsorship Package
Spread the word!

An MDCFUG and TeraTech Event
Sponsored by:
CPCUG.org ByteBack.org
SCCFUG Ben Forta Betts IT
SystemManage CFUG France Central Jersey CFUG
UK ColdFusion User Group NYCFUG Ottawa CFUG

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