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Fusebox Developers Conference

October 20, 2001

Orlando, Florida

"I got a lot more out of the Fusebox Conference than I had anticipated. A local "Fusebox-aholic" talked me into going. And I'm glad I did."
- Cheryl Miller
If you're coming to the Macromedia DevCon in October, come a day early and attend the second annual Fusebox Conference on Saturday, October 20! Jeremy Allaire will be keynoting the conference and we'll have a wide variety of topics and speakers including Steve Nelson, Charlie Arehart, and Hal Helms.

We're rolling out the brand-new, third edition of the Fusebox specification with whitepapers and sample code on CD. The release will be at the conference, so come to get information you won't find elsewhere. This is a *tutorial* conference, so the emphasis is on equipping developers with tools and techniques with which they can immediately benefit.

So for information, networking, and fun (did I mention the big Fusebox party with free beer on Saturday night?), register today!

Take a look at the Conference Agenda or the Session Descriptions.

Fusebox Developer's Conference News:

  • The conference will have four "forums", each running one session per time slot. You are not required to register for particular sessions ahead of time. Instead, just show up early to sessions you want to attend.
  • The conference will be held at the Hilton in the Walt Disney World Resort. We also have special room rates. Check out the Travel & Hotel page for more information.
  • The conference hotel is 5 miles from the Dolphin where the Macromedia DevCon is being held. However, you can save yourself money by staying at the Hilton. Click here for more information.
  • A shuttle from the Hilton to Devcon is being provided to persons who are registered at the Hilton. It will run twice a day.

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Agenda    Speakers    Session Descriptions    Travel & Hotel    

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