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Jeremy Allaire: Neo and Fusebox

Hal Helms, et al: Unveiling Fusebox Version 3

Forum 1: New To Fusebox
Speaker Title Level Session Time
Nat Papovich Wet Behind the Ears – Starter Fusebox Beginner 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Have you heard of Fusebox but never written an application using it? Not sure why you should? Need some convincing before spending the time to learn another new technology? In this session, I'll describe some of the benefits of Fusebox as well as some things to watch out for.
Charlie Arehart Lighting the Shadows: A Roundtable on Overcoming Fusebox Objections All 3:00 - 3:45 PM
Those using Fusebox (and many still not) are likely aware of features and facets that keep non-FB developers (and managers) from making the move. We hear the objections in water cooler discussions and on some mailing lists. The detractors are vocal (and sometimes highly respected), but their concerns may or may not be completely valid. In this roundtable of experienced FB developers and evangelists, we'll outline some of the key pros and cons of using Fusebox (and mitigating circumstances or work-arounds for known challenges). The goal is to ultimately come up a white paper of sorts. Consider it "Selling Fusebox to Skeptics". We need your opinions and ideas, in addition to those of the panel, to help each other know about, work around, and perhaps set to addressing any challenges that might justifiably be keeping people from taking to FB. The panel was conceived and will be chaired by Charlie Arehart, known to many for his writing, speaking, and teaching in the CF community. As someone currently on the fence about Fusebox (not against it, but hearing the grumblings of others), he'll bring an objective viewpoint in moderating the panel of other Fusebox experts and looks forward to bringing light to the shadows on the matter.
Sean Renet QuerySims and DB Tricks Intermediate 5:00 - 5:45 PM
The development phase of Internet solutions often start with a well-constructed database architecture. Generally this means that the web application developers must wait for the database administrators to finish before they can begin the programming process. Well, wait no longer. Hal Helms has developed a nice little development tool called Query Sims that will speed you on your way to programming the web application simultaneously with the database development. What's that you say? You are the database architect? Making the leap from Access to SQL or Oracle? In this session we will also cover some nice little DBA tricks to put the heavy lifting where it belongs - the database.
Forum 2: Fusebox Version 3.0
Speaker Title Level Session Time
Erik Voldengen Out with the old, in with the new - An introduction to Fusebox 3 Intermediate 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Been to busy to keep up with all the changing Fusebox techiques? Haven't had time to play with XFB yet? This session is designed for a Fusebox developer like you. We will walk through the conversion of a standard Fusebox application (methodology acording to the Fusebox book) to the newly unveiled Fusebox 3 specifications. Attendees should have at least vague familiarity with Fusebox and ColdFusion.
Jeff Peters XML Fusedocs Beginner 2:00 - 2:45 PM
An introduction to the XML-based Fusedocs - how to write Fusedocs, comparing old notation with new, what's the fuss, and how to take advantage of this powerful new standard. Attendees will leave chanting, "Fusedocs rock! Fusedocs rock!" A knowledge of classical Fusedocs will be helpful for this session.
Patrick McElhaney Nested Circuits in Fusebox 3 Intermediate 3:00 - 3:45 PM
Arguably the most important part of the new Fusebox specification, the techniques and code used to "wire together" nested circuits is like most new cars these days. Lots of wires, computers, gears, belts and sensors make investigation daunting. In this session, I'll attempt to demystify the inner workings of nested circuits. Come prepared to be challenged. But then again, you could always leave the hood closed...
Drew Harris Building a Large Scale Fusebox 3 Framework Intermediate 4:00 - 4:45 PM
Developers are always talking about reusing code. Fusebox 2 gives developers some great ways to reuse code. However, building a large-scale Fusebox 3 framework allows developers to reuse code, Circuits, and Fuseactions, as well as share variables and data among applications. This presentation will describe elements and benefits of an enterprise framework. Demonstrations will include implementing and using a pre-built framework.
John Quarto-vonTivadar Nested Layouts With FB3.0 Intermediate 5:00 - 5:45 PM
Forum 3: Project Management Using Fusebox and Extended Fusebox
Speaker Title Level Session Time
Bob Silverberg What does the client want? Beginner 1:00 - 1:45 PM
Focus your mind, and focus your client's mind, on the pure heart of the matter - before you worry about what your application is going to look like, you should figure out what it's supposed to do. WireFraming is a new approach to gathering Functional Requirements that emphasizes simplicity and clarity - but a good WireFrame Editor makes it even easier. Is it the world's simplest CASE tool?
Ken Beard Devnotes and Prototypes Beginner 2:00 - 2:45 PM
DevNotes is a communication tool for clients, developers, and all those in between. It keeps track of requests for changes and additions to an application right in your browser. DevNotes is a dream come true for the QA process and HTML prototyping. Building HTML prototypes brings your development staff and the client to a detailed understanding of how the final application will look and work before the business logic is put into code. They will enable you to produce better, faster and cheaper applications.
Wells Burke Visually Designing Fusebox Applications with Adalon All 4:00 - 4:45 PM
Adalon, a revolutionary new product from Synthis Corporation, is the first analysis modeling and design tool to offer specific support for the Fusebox Standard. This presentation will offer a quick tour of how to create Fusebox applications using Adalon, walking through basic design concepts all the way through documentation and code generation. Adalon's intuitive diagram based interface lets developers visually model the foundations of a Web application and then generates complete design and requirements documentation in HTML as well entire code skeletons including everything from the Action, Display, and Query fuses to the standard Fusebox system files. The generated code is Fusebox 3.0 compliant and even fully commented with Fusedoc XML. This session will be beneficial to Fusebox developers of all levels.
Steve Nelson 48 hour Coding with Fusebox All 5:00 - 5:45 PM
With the advent of Fusebox 3.0, a process to attempt the impossible is available: Code and test an entire application in less than 48 hours. This presentation will show how this task can become possible with the help of a tool to manage user scenarios, wireframes, prototypes and Fusedocs. Demonstrations will include using SecretAgents.com to design and distribute Fusedocs to an army of programmers. If successful, a second demonstration will be show of a small pre-Fusedoc'd application built by random conference attendees during the day.
Forum 4: Exotic Topics
Speaker Title Level Session Time
David Huyck PHP-Fusebox Intermediate 1:00 - 1:45 PM
What happens when those pesky clients ask for cheap? So cheap, it's even free? Give 'em PHP! In this presentation we'll cover the basics of the Fusebox methodology in PHP. We'll answer the question: "What happens to Fusebox when you actually CAN write UDFs and classes?" We'll also look at some of the PHP versions of the tools and "tags" you know and love from ColdFusion's Fusebox.
Kevin Towes Flash and ColdFusion - Fused on Level Zero Beginner 3:00 - 3:45 PM
Importing a Fusebox-approach to supplying data to Flash: I think of Flash as a right-brain approach to internet development. CF is a logical thinker (clearly, the left side). The Fusebox methodology is very intricate and flexible. Flexibility for a creative medium (Flash) is an important ingredient if the two are going to work together. This presentation will introduce the basics of setting up the Flash environment dynamically and to mimic the spirit of the Fusebox approach within the Flash architecture. We'll review the options available for passing data in and out of Flash and ColdFusion and the database. I will share some experiences and share some CF_Tips to get started and be successful. We will also briefly talk about how this approach can optimize your production flow, and ease your production timeline, therefore increasing your profits. I would recommend following up this lecture with Paul Mone's "Developing Applications with Fusebox and Flash".
Paul Mone Developing Applications with Fusebox and Flash Advanced 4:00 - 4:45 PM
This presentation will focus on integrating a simple Fusebox-based forums application with two separate client-side interfaces: a full Flash-based front-end, and a plain HTML front-end. The presentation will focus on how to organize your Fusebox application to further separate data from interface by taking advantage of structures, allowing you to syndicate data to client-side interfaces. We will also take steps toward creating a programming environment in Flash that will be easy for Fuseboxers to utilize, including creating container movie clips (objects) that mimic scope, Fuxeboxes, and some common Fusebox custom tags. This presentation is not geared towards the basics of Flash and it's environment, nor the basics of getting data passed between Flash and ColdFusion. The recommended prerequisite to this session is Kevin Towes's "Introduction to Flash and Fusebox".
Brett Suwyn Hacking SOAP Web Services with ColdFusion and Fusebox Advanced 5:00 - 5:45 PM
Web services have been deemed as the Internets' "next big thing", promising to serve as the foundation to the next generation of distributed systems. Explore the fundamentals of Web services and learn how to advance your Fusebox applications to interact with tomorrow's Internet. This presentation will expose how to read, respond, and request Web services through ColdFusion using today's technologies such as ColdFusion 5.0, Fusebox 2.0, 3.0, MSXML 3.0, and SOAP 1.1. This is an intermediate to advanced-level presentation.
Although the sessions in each of the four Forums are grouped by Forum in an attempt to provide a "track" to attendees looking for specific information, some sessions don't quite fit in to the rest of the Forum.

You are free to choose any combination of sessions you want, across any Forum.

You will be allowed to register for your session choices during conference registration in the morning, but you are not required to do so.

There will be full conference materials for all sessions available on a CD and handouts in case you miss a session.
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