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Adam Churvis, CommerceBlocks
Using CF, Stored Procedures, and Triggers

Christine Pascarella, Virtualscape
CF hosting tips (HTML version)

Charlie Arehart, SysteManage
Developing Wireless (WML) Applications with CF (HTML version),
a chapter from his book is here.

Howie Hamlin, IMS
Dynamic e=mail using ColdFusion and Infusion Mail Server (HTML version)

Who Wants to be a CF Millionaire Game

We are sorry to say that Hal Helms is sick with a root canal and won't be able to make it to the conference. Here is his presentation on Fusebox (HTML version).

Steve Nelson,
Fusebox Foundations

John Paul Ashenfelter,
Round peg, square hole: An intro to using coldfusion arrays, structures, and WDDX

Robi Sen, Granularity, Inc., Electronic Commerce: Emerging Trends and Technology (HTML version)

Bill Rogers, Ektron,
Coding Content Management in CF (HTML version)

Steve Nelson,,
Advanced Fusebox (HTML version)

Saturday Night Event: Shark Club



Steve Nelson stepped in for Leon Chalnick.

Leon Chalnick, Advanta Solutions, Inc., Turbo-Charging Your CF Applications with Custom Tags (HTML version)

April Fleming, Federal Data Corp,
WDDX Case Study: Building a Cross CFUG Search (HTML version)

We're sorry to say that Jim Welch will be unable to speak because of cirmcumstances beyond anyone's conrol. Instead there will be a Q & A Session with selected speakers.

Shlomy Gantz, email, CoreActive ACG
Integration With Flash (HTML version)

Chris Mosier, Weberize
CF Family Feud

T-shirt Answers (HTML version)

Steve Drucker, Figleaf
CF, Flash, Java, and COM (HTML version)

Michael Dinowitz, House of Fusion / CoreActive (Fusion Authority)
CF Programming Philosophy

Dave Watts, email, Figleaf
eXtreme Debugging (HTML version)

Michael Imhoff, OmniCypher
Access and CF Tricks

David Aden, webworld studios
Spectra Tips and Tricks (HTML version)

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