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Session 1
Not interested in any of these topics
Simon Horwith - Welcome to CF
Charlie Arehart - Deploying CFML on J2EE: Opportunities and Challenges
Neil Ross - Application Blue Printing
Matt Liotta - Utilizing Web Services
Session 2
Not interested in any of these topics
Hal Helms - Variables & Conditions
Raymond Camden - CFC Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks
Mark Gorkin - Managing Project Conflict
Geoff Snowman - CF and .NET
Saturday BOF
Not interested in any of these topics
Hosting problems BOF - Hostmysite
How to market yourself BOF - Joey Coleman
Entrepreneur Coaching Clinic -BOF - Margarita Rozenfeld
Methodologies BOF - Hal Helms et al
Session 3
Not interested in any of these topics
Neil Ross - Loops
Samuel Neff - Integrating CF with Microsoft Office
Shlomy Gantz - Managing CF Projects
Steve Drucker - Leveraging Macromedia Flex & CFMX
Session 4
Not interested in any of these topics
Charlie Arehart - Database
Simon Horwith - Oh Grow Up! "Kiddie Scripter" to "Software Architect"
Jeff Peters - Here's the one thing you need to succeed
Tom Muck - Flash Remoting
Session 5
Not interested in any of these topics
Matt Liotta - What's New in CFML
April Fleming - XSLT for Data Manipulation
Rey Muradaz - How NOT to FB - Lessons from the Trenches
Hal Helms - Fusebox and Outsourcing
Session 6
Not interested in any of these topics
Jo Belyea-Doerrman - CF Studio Tips
Jeff Tapper - CFMX XML Tricks & Traps
John Hamman - Become an accessibility expert in 50min
Chafic Kazoun - Component Dev in Flash MX 2004
Session 7
Not interested in any of these topics
Christian Cantrell - Flash for CFers
Michael Smith - How to be a Guru Coder
Larry Hull - How Disabled People use the Web
Bogdan Ripa - Building a ColdFusion CMS w/ Dreamweaver & the MX Kollection in less than 50 min
Session 8
Not interested in any of these topics
Jo Belyea-Doerrman - User Defined Functions
Michael Dinowitz - Working with Remote Data
Sandra Clark - CSS for Better Sites
Sean Corfield - Mach II at Macromedia
Session 9
Not interested in any of these topics
Matt Liotta - Security
Dave Watts - Intro to SQL Server 2000 Security
David Epler - HTML Markup for Better Access
Jeff Peters - Fusebox
Session 10
Not interested in any of these topics
Nate Nelson - CF Admin
Goeff Snowman - SQL Server Reporting Services
Sandy Clark - Accessible Web Forms
Hal Helms - Java for CF Programmers
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