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Ben Forta

Colder Fusion - Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group
SacCFUG - Sacramento, California ColdFusion Users Group
MMUG-Dublin UserGroup Meeting
Winner of Survey Contest and Quiz!

We ran a survey with quiz questions and asked for the best answer to "Why people should come to CFUN-04?".

Congrats to Adam Dray
Answer:  Whether you're just starting to learn the basics about ColdFusion or you're an old hand who knows all the tricks, CFUN has something to offer. With tracks for beginners and experts, amateurs and pros, developers and managers, CFUN delivers everything the serious ColdFusion aficionado needs to know to get the job done. Meet other people, like you, who care about ColdFusion -- and get a chance to hear what the experts are thinking. CFUN is FUN!

Runner up Chuck Hoffman
Answer:  Because this event really is the best gathering in the world for people developing or managing CF systems. It's here that we can understand what happened, hear what's happening, and learn what's going to happen. You can't beat it.

Quiz Questions and Answers:
What year was the first TeraTech national ColdFusion conference?

CFUN-04 is located in?
Rockville, MD

How many speakers are there at CFUN-04?
33 (Accepted even though one Speaker has dropped out recently)

How many tracks are there in CFUN-04?

Which session is NOT in CFUN-04?
Managing Flash Projects

Between 1/1/04 and 3/31/04 CFUN-04 costs how much?

Which speakers are speaking at CFUN-04 (check all that apply)
Neil Ross
Hal Helms
Charlie Arehart
Michael Smith
David Epler
Michael Dinowitz
Sandy Clark
Larry Hull

Which metro station is next to the conference hotel?

Which companies are sponsors of CFUN-04 (check all that apply)?
CFDJ Magazine
Edgeweb hosting

Other great responses to the question:
"Why should people come to CFUN-04?"

It's the best, most ColdFusion-centric conference of the year in a setting intimate enough to get to know other programmers and big enough to learn something new every hour! The best of the best! - Lisa Wilson

Introductions to the latest developing techniques. Get inspiration in new ways to develop projects. Generally, to "re-kindle" your CF "fire" by being part of a group excited by and interested in CF development - Kathleen Ballard

There is nothing like the interaction and dynamics of a gathering of those seeking answers and experts ready to provide it -- the sheer "hands-on" how-to expertise is like the fountain of knowledge -- if you're thirsty, you gotta be there. - Donna Casey

Its fast (1 weekend time commitment), cheap (under $200 if you sign up before 3/31), and out of control (sessions cover everything from CSS to Flash remoting to integrating Java). - Amy Neymeyr

One of the best CF Conferences around, what you get out of the sessions greatly outweighs the cost in time and money involved. - Victor Galbis-Reig

The best value for their money! Nowhere else can anyone get access to so many experts in the field for such a low price! - Lisa da Rocha

to get first hand exposure to all of the great CF capabilities that they could very well be missing out on. Personally, I have a strong yearning to come because I know I'm not harnessing the total power that ColdFusion offers, and I've never had the chance to go to a CFUN conference before. I think this is a hard to come by opportunity for any CF-er, and I really want to go! - Maggie Elrawy

CFUN is different from the Macromedia Conferences in that there is more of a focus on ColdFusion. In addition, it is a chance to meet the best in the industry and learn from their experiences. I would like to go to CFUN to improve my skills in CF and to absorb the knowledge that I know will be filling the air. - Candace K. Cottrell

I want to come to CFUN-04 to increase my knowledge-base as a Web Application Developer, thus increasing my value to my employer. I really enjoy learning and some of my heros will be at the conference speaking. I know that this conference is a huge value for the buck considering the caliber of speakers you have. This is probably one of the rare times I could afford to learn from Hal Helms and Sean Corfield. - Chris Phillips

People should go to this conference because they have a chance to grab plenty of up to date information and not being there is like shooting themselves in their foot! - Ghislain Simard

Simply amazing value. - Dharmesh Goel

You've got a boatload of great presenters. The conference is focused less on marketing Macromedia and more on ways to leverage the technology. D.C. is a great city. And Teratech has done a great job of promoting this conference. Hats off to you. - Paul Fraser

To learn tips, tricks, and trends from ColdFusion industry leaders and experts, be inspired, and more productive than ever before! - Rebecca Brewer

The new addition of tracks, allowing us to tailor our conference experience. Early summer dates for CFUN provide an excellent opposite end of the year opportunity to see what's going on with Cold Fusion and the Macromedia world. - Yancy Wharton

I learned a lot at CFUN-03, more than I would have if I took a few classes. I met some extraordinary programmers and picked their collective brains and the networking is great, too. - Loren Scherbak

Because you will have fun, be happy and learn new stuff from some of the smartest and brightest people in the world! - Ramin Surya

Because you're gonna walk out of there with your brain full of Macromedia goodness! - Steve Ray

cf and fun AND as if that wasn't enough, after reading cfcommunity for a while (mostly a lurker), it would be hard not to pass up an opportunity to go. A free ticket might just push my boss over the edge! - joe zanter

It is the best CF Conference, good timing, free t-shirt! - Tracey Robinson

People should come to CFUN-04 for a variety of reasons, but in my opinion, because: Technology continues to change constantly and in order to best stay on top of new technologies and what the industry leaders are doing with the technologies you need to keep in tune with the people who are the leaders! CFUN brings all the important people and topics into one venue where people of all skillsets can learn from. No one will be excluded or feel out of place since the sessions cover a wide range of topics and all the people speaking are way cool (from what I know... hopefully Hal Helms doesn't beat anyone up!) In all seriousness though, networking, talking about how others approach technologies we all use, and to share experiences is what it is all about; in addition to having fun! Also, it puts a face to so many names we all come across daily on the CF-TALK list among many others. I know I am excited about meeting everyone if I attend. There are a zillion reasons to attend and if I could list them all here Id say there might be a buffer overflow!!! - Michael Tangorre

Terrific opportunity to learn about the latest CF development tools and concepts from the leaders in the field - Michel Blais

To enhance their skill set using CF, learn new ways to apply CF, and meet new people, network and develop a list of potential experts to contact later when needed. - Cheryl Dixon

To hone their ColdFusion skills to a razor-sharp edge, and have some fun, network, and meet some CF gurus. - Eric Grimm

To obtain a better understanding of how to align web technology objectives with business processes. CFun will allow people to gain the technical expertise needed to enhance IT performance and quality assurance for his/her organization. A curriculum that emphasizes familiarity of inexpensive web applications. The conference will give people the opportunity to: collaborate with other business leaders and IT professionals in the field, to take on knowledge that will lead them to a higher pursuit of learning, to be more familiar with cutting-edge web applications, to connect themselves with the market, to learn which IT and business strategies work and which do not, and to evaluate their organization’s maximum potential in leveraging cutting edge-technologies towards higher returns, to apply their newly-learned technical expertise towards the use of inexpensive web applications, and to streamline business processes with these applications. Therefore, this two-day seminar, will help people gain the necessary expertise to take on managerial roles in various IT projects and implement them inexpensively towards organization goals. This event will provide attendees with the necessary resources to make a difference in the ever-changing world of business technologies. - (anonymous)

To sharpen the tools of their trade. To connect with more peers that they can at their office. - Mark Wimer

We have to keep pushing the envelope of what ColdFusion can do, and be educated on those new features, so that more people want to keep or start using ColdFusion for their web development. If not it will be trampled by the big companies like Microsoft who want you to use .NET or ASP who would be only too happy to see ColdFusion go away. And a more personal reason, you're more useful to your employer and your clients if you stay on top of the current technology. - Mandy Thomas

What better way is there to spend a weekend in June than at CFUN-04? Also, you'll be hard pressed to find this much knowledge, talent and experience in ColdFusion and other Macromedia products anywhere else in the region. - Lincoln Milner

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