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Ben Forta

Colder Fusion - Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group
SacCFUG - Sacramento, California ColdFusion Users Group
MMUG-Dublin UserGroup Meeting
T-shirt says 'Friends don't let Friends code and not CFUN!'

June 26th & 27th, 2004

Double Tree Hotel
Rockville, Maryland

What to do in DC
Be a ColdFusion Hero!

Early Bird $189 till 12/31/03
Timely Bird $199 till 3/31/04
Regular $269 till 6/15/04
Late $299 till 6/25/04
Onsite $350

   "Who is the WINNER of the survey contest?"

Hear what the ColdFusion community has to say about the conference at House of Fusion.

Read Article by Barbara Conn of CPCUG fame

We NOW have FIVE tracks this year !
There are sessions for every level!

Bootcamp - Basic ColdFusion and Flash topics

Advanced - Advanced ColdFusion topics

Empowered - Fusebox and Project management topics

Accessibility - making sites that disabled people can use, section 508. Read Accessible Blog by Sandy Clark

Integration - Flash, Flex and other technologies integrated with CF topics

Some Confirmed Topics:
Deploying CFML on J2EE: Opportunities and Challenges
User Defined Functions
Integrating Flash with Fusebox
Advanced Topics in Custom Tags, UDFs, and CFCs
Creating Accessible Web Forms
CFDJ Panel
CFMX - strange but not true
XSLT for data manipulation
Managing ColdFusion Projects
Practice Safe Stress
Java for ColdFusion Programmers
Oh Grow Up!: "kiddie scripter" to "software architect"
Component Development in Flash MX 2004
How NOT to Fusebox--Lessons from the Trenches
Integrating ColdFusion with Microsoft Office
How to be a Guru Coder
SQL Server Reporting Services
CFMX XML tricks and traps
Introduction to SQL Server 2000 Security
Mach II at Macromedia
User Defined Functions
CFC Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks
Working with remote data
Application Blueprinting
CSS for Better Sites
HTML Markup for Accessibility You Never Knew About
Integrating Flash with Fusebox
Leveraging Macromedia Flex and ColdFusion MX
Variables and Conditions
AND that's not it! There's more!


"The tour was deliberately set up in June to coincide with CFUN, and the locations were planned so that I'd be in the D.C. area at the right time. (Yep, the tour was scheduled around CFUN, now quit grinning). I will indeed be showing Blackstone at user groups throughout North America, but I am reserving one really amazing demo (of a feature that we have never publicly shown or discussed) for the CFUN keynote. CFUN attendees will be the first to see how ColdFusion can be used to ... ooops, I almost gave it away." - Ben Forta in an interview with Michael Smith.
Read Interview with Ben

"There is nothing like the interaction and dynamics of a gathering of those seeking answers and experts ready to provide it -- the sheer "hands-on" how-to expertise is like the fountain of knowledge -- if you're thirsty, you gotta be there." -Donna Casey

"Introductions to the latest developing techniques. Get inspiration in new ways to develop projects. Generally, to "re-kindle" your CF "fire" by being part of a group excited by and interested in CF development." -Kathleen Ballard

"TeraTech offers one of the best deal in IT seminars. For only $9.95 I attended an extremely worthwhile introduction seminar on ColdFusion. This seminar gave me a clear understanding of the power of ColdFusion and the advantages over ASP. Moreover this clarified the way specialty servers interact in the web environment." -Daniel Schwartz, HRSA

"If this is your first time, you will be very happy. CFUN is the best CF conference - period. ... consistently I can say CFUN is the one most worth your $$." -Ray Camden, Jedimaster Mindseye

"I'll second that. What you get out of CFun hugely outweighs its cost. Just being able to sit down with an expert or two in the hall or over drinks to ask a direct question usually pays for the entire event." -Michael Dinowitz, House of Fusion

"The CFUN series of conferences are by far the best Cold Fusion conference of the year. Each year, Michael puts together the most advanced and sophisticated set of Cold Fusion topics and speakers to be found--anywhere--for any price. No where else do you get to network with the real CF guru's and peers alike in a fun, friendly, casual atmosphere. The timing of the meeting couldn't be better, either. The early summer dates for CFUN provide an excellent opposite end of the year opportunity to see what's going on with Cold Fusion and the Macromedia world. Year after year, the meeting provides a first look opportunity with CF server and Fusebox product releases. Best courses, best learning, best timing, best networking, best price--best meeting. Period." -Jeremy R.

"CFUN is a GREAT opportunity to learn. It has amazing speakers, and has never disappointed me in the past. The new addition of tracks, allowing us to tailor the conference experience to our desires is wonderful. Michael Smith, the MDCFUG and the folks at TeraTech put on a wonderful (educational,fun,interesting) show year after year." -Kevin L.

"CFUN will be hot because of what you'll learn and who you'll meet. I believe that there is a real tendency for those of us in the development community to become isolated, both in terms of what we do and how we do it and in terms of who we keep track of. CFUN will provide that rare chance to immerse yourself for a few days in "best practices" and "fresh ideas" while also connecting or reconnecting with friends and mentors in the community. The planned events have value, but so do the informal interactions that always take place. The persistent mix of people and ideas is compelling. Bottom line: without events like CFUN we become stale. With it, we're fresh!" -Dave S.

"I have been going the last three years, and I loved it every time. Matt Liotta gave a great talk on CF and Java that really has me thinking in a new direction, Hal Helms gave a last minute key note, and I really think he rocked the house, especially since he was woken up only minutes before from what I understand. I will certainly be there again next year. If it says anything about the event, I paid for it myself, and will again if I need to. Kudos to Mike Smith, Sandra Clark and all the speakers, vendors and volunteers that made it so worth while. Now that I am in the area I think I would even volunteer (maybe, don't want to miss out on the speakers)." -Tim

"I would like to thank Michael Smith for the invitation. It was a great conference, with great speakers, sessions, and even a great
party Saturday night. If you missed it this year, I recommend planning on attending next time." -Christian Cantrell

Why should people come to CFUN-04?

Pictures from last year's CFUN-03

Interviews with speakers about their topics

Interviews with sponsors


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