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Ben Forta

Colder Fusion - Twin Cities ColdFusion User Group
SacCFUG - Sacramento, California ColdFusion Users Group
MMUG-Dublin UserGroup Meeting
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In this CFUN-04 Interview, Ben Forta discusses his talk, which has the intriguing title: "Cool stuff that we can't discuss yet".

Michael Smith: I am talking with CF super-guru about his upcoming keynote talk at CFUN-04. Your topic is "cool stuff that we can't discuss yet". Can you tell me why it is cool?

Ben Forta: No. :-)

MS: So what is the weather like in Australia then?

BF: I am sure that it is lovely, but I am actually in Tokyo. I could not make it to MXDU this year, next year hopefully.

MS: I am sure by June it will be hot here. With so many new hot programs from Macromedia how can it not be hot!?

BF: Nice try.

MS: So what recent releases from Macromedia can you talk about?

BF: Well Flex is out, as are updates to several of the MX tools.

MS: What about ColdFusion, any news there?

BF: Yes.

MS: Yes?

BF: Yes.

MS: Can you be more specific?

BF: Yes I could.

MS: And ...

BF: Ok, ok. Let's see ... Yes, there is news. No, I won't share. Yes, we are working on a new ColdFusion codenamed "Blackstone". No, I won't tell you what is in it. Yes, you'll want this one badly. And no, I won't tell you when it is scheduled to ship. How was that?

MS: So, reading between the lines, your talk will be about Blackstone?

BF: That would be nice, huh?

MS: I see that you have an ambitious user group tour coming up, and that it is around the time of CFUN-04. What will you be presenting to the user groups?

BF: It'll be some Flash and Flex (from a ColdFusion perspective), and sneak peaks at Blackstone.

MS: Aha! So you will be showing Blackstone. Will you be showing the same presentation at CFUN?

BF: The tour was deliberately set up in June to coincide with CFUN, and the locations were planned so that I'd be in the D.C. area at the right time. (Yep, the tour was scheduled around CFUN, now quit grinning). I will indeed be showing Blackstone at user groups throughout North America, but I am reserving one really amazing demo (of a feature that we have never publicly shown or discussed) for the CFUN keynote. CFUN attendees will be the first to see how ColdFusion can be used to ... ooops, I almost gave it away.

MS: So I guess we will just have to come to your keynote talk on Sunday to find out what is cool and new. BF: See you there. :-)

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