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Michael Smith: Jo I see that you are speaking on "CF Studio Tips" at CFUN. Why should someone go to this session?

Jo Belyea-Doerrman: Often times as developers, we use tools and do not realize the hidden features that will really make our lives easier. This session is going to point out many of these gems. As a developer I want to make my life easier and more productive; I'll show you ways that Studio can do that.

MS: You mean CF Studio can help me code faster! How?

JD: One example that comes to mind is by using Auto Completion. You don't even have to type in an entire tag. The program will finish the tag for you. Talk about a shortcut! Also, HomeSite+ comes with an array of toolbars and wizards, such as snippets, that allow you to get your work done in a quick and efficient manner.

MS: What exactly is a code snippet and how would I use it?

JD: A code snippet is a block of code or content that you store for reuse. You can comment your snippets just as you would any code block. Because snippets can be created as start and end blocks, you can use them to surround other tags and content. This is handy for inserting special formatting, navigation elements, and script blocks. Simply highlight the content you want to surround, then insert the snippet.
You can share code snippets with other developers by giving them access to a shared folder on your computer or on another network computer. You can create libraries of snippets which allow for easy code reuse. This is great for team projects!
Finally, you can define a shortcut key to a snippet so that it can be easily used.

MS: You mentioned user-defined keys. How do they work?

JD: There are many ways to customize the look and functionality of your workspace in Homesite +, including setting the display and positioning of toolbars and tabs in the Resources window; assigning shortcut keys for commands, code snippets, and scripts; and creating custom toolbuttons. Basically, you can assign any action to any key stroke.

MS: I heard there are wizards in Studio ... are they magic?

JD: They do work like magic! Wizards are an integral part of many software products because they enable users to perform complex tasks very easily. HomeSite+ includes a number of wizards (such as the Drill down wizard or Data entry wizard), and you can create your own with the Wizard Markup Language (WIZML).
After the wizard has created your code, you still have the freedom to go in and change it!

MS: What about all those tabs in the Studio left bar?

JD: They are shortcuts to navigate around your document and format your code. I will show more details in my talk.

MS: Wow - sounds like a lot of useful and time-saving information. I will see you there!

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