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In this interview, Michael Smith and Jeff Peters have a brief chat (yes, it's less than 40 minutes long) about Jeff's upcoming CFUN presentation, "Fusebox 4 in 40 or less."

Michael Smith: Why should people learn about Fusebox, Jeff?

Jeff Peters: It's all about focus, Michael. Fusebox provides focus for a project--no more "spaghetti code", no more disorganized approaches to building applications, no more wondering if all the details have been covered. Fusebox and FLiP (Fusebox Lifecycle Process) let us focus on each part of the application development at an appropriate time, and build well-organized, successful applications.

MS: You're going to cover Fusebox AND FLiP in 40 minutes? I find that a bit hard to believe!

JP: Well, yes, that would be hard to believe. But we're going to charge through anyway. It's a small application, and easy to understand. We naturally won't cover everything about Fusebox and FLiP in this session, but folks that attend will have an understanding of what the buzz is all about.

MS: So you're actually building an application in the session?

JP: You'll have to show up to see, but yes, we'll finish with a working application. In fact, it's the same application that gets built in my new book, "Fusebox 4 & FLiP: Master-class ColdFusion Applications".

MS: You've got a new book out? Where can I get it? Should I read it before the conference?

JP: Well, it's not out quite yet. We're finalizing it now, and it should be released around Memorial Day. No, you don't need to read it before the conference.

MS: Well, that's great. Back to the conference for a moment. So Fusebox is all about focus, right?

JP: That's how I see it. Focus is the key to successful projects. We don't want to fall victim to the dreaded 70% failure rate that Mr. Helms is always carrying on about. Fusebox is a great way to avoid many of the pitfalls.

MS: So will you build circuits and fuseactions during your talk? And can you explain in plain English what those are?

JP: Yes, we'll be building a complete application, including circuits and fuseactions. A circuit is just a logical collection of associated actions in an application. For example, all the action related to user authentication would be gathered together into a circuit. A fuseaction is the name we give to a specific action in a Fusebox application, like "login" or "showCatalog".

MS: What exactly is FLiP?

JP: FLiP is the Fusebox Lifecycle Process. It's a series of steps we follow when building Fusebox applications. By formalizing the process, we minimize the number of errors incurred from overlooking tasks that need to be done. FLiP can also be applied to projects in general, even though it designed around the Fusebox concept.

MS: Wow if you cover both FLiP and Fusebox 4 in 40 minutes that will be amazing. See you at CFUN

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