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Michael Smith: Neil I notice that you are speaking on "Loops" in the CFUN bootcamp track. Why should new CF programmers care about loops?

Neil Ross: Looping is a really important part of ColdFusion development, Michael. I know developers who take a much longer road to the results that they're looking for because they don't really understand what a powerful tool looping can be.

MS: What kind of things can you do with loops?

NR: New developers should gain as much knowledge as possible about looping so that they can use loops to do essential things like outputting query results, processing sections of code more than once or even duplicating HTML and CFML elements on the screen.

MS: That sounds like it could save a lot of time. But what about code maintenance - is that any different with loops rather than hardcoding?

NR: You're right Michael, loops can save a lot of time. In fact, I use loops quite often to create the code that generates my application code and what this means is that I actually have to create and maintain LESS code that I would have were I hard coding everything.

MS: What other kinds of loops do you cover?

NR: We'll be covering everything from those using CFLOOP to those within loops within CFOUTPUT tags and CFMAIL.

MS: That sounds like the famous nested loops - what are those and do you cover them?

NR: We will be talking about nested loops. That is one loop inside another. I'll show session attendees how to properly nest loops for grouping output and for outputting 2D and 3D arrays.

MS: Wow - I can see that after this bootcamp session I will be a loops expert!

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